Four Walls —Danica Aquino

I awoke from a dream loaded with a deep sense of urgency and defeat both coinsiding in my guts, the air is stuffed, suffocating, I sit straight on the bed, sweat dripping from my neck down to my navel, I kick against the sheets tangled around my ankles, Where am I? I fumble through theContinue reading “Four Walls —Danica Aquino”


This air has a persistent feeling of death. I can hear cries of mothers. Their wail is loud enough to choke the molecules around my ear yet I keep my eyes on the wall and watch the bricks falling. Sitting inside a home feels worse when spring is falling asleep. On the tender branch ofContinue reading “Effervescent—Sameera”

Fate Still Takes It’s Breath —Michael33

I suppose it doesn’t matter If it rhymes Life is full of circumstance The hourglass of time Though hands may sometimes Reach across the veil to touch the heart Fate… Is still the final work of art I suppose it doesn’t matter In the dawn If yesterday stood face to face Cross lines that hadContinue reading “Fate Still Takes It’s Breath —Michael33”

Conversation with Ocean —Ashu Writes

What is the story about your tides that rises and falls, or do they play with those sands as the evening calls. I think the children love when those tides touch their feet, as the sun comes everyday for the birds to greet. along those sands damp and brown, during twilight the fishermen are hasteningContinue reading “Conversation with Ocean —Ashu Writes”

Switch —M S Jadeli

They wait for me beyond the door To steal from me my somber scene To play in hue and nothing more They dot my view with rose and green The peonies, new on the scene A princely frog kerplunks in ditch From gloom to bright, a magic switch Read more —MSJadeli @ Tao Talk EverContinue reading “Switch —M S Jadeli”

Ouroboros —Erik Shinker

Do I just reiterate the same sentiments? Over and over and over again. An ouroboros devouring himself in an infinite, revolving wheel. This serpent’s tail is more venomous than its teeth. The end and beginning in self-same destruction. by Erik Shinker Read more —Perpetually Past Due Who have us has not felt this sentiment? AContinue reading “Ouroboros —Erik Shinker”