Bourgainvillea – Onie Maniego (The Paper Drafts)

Maiden rest.Maiden sleepOn my branches,Lay on the tips of me.Rest on my fingersLike soaked cotton—plump and heavy.We will sway with the wind.In the ticking of the clock,You will flutter then fall,But in dreams you will remain.Let your nightgownRain like petals.Glide and flow.Slide and go.Maiden dream again,Come rest again on the tips of me. Photo byContinue reading “Bourgainvillea – Onie Maniego (The Paper Drafts)”

That Woman Remembered – The Human Anvil

In this wafer thin world,My mirror holds together,Your palpable smile. I live there somewhere,Buried; under warm hollow bricks,Dreaming and dreaming,Ringlets of flowers, raindrops of gold,And of you reading a blank page,Written one hundred ways. Your name is a shape,Or a flower or a bird,Dahlia, Paloma or some rounded word,You are the poem, I the paper,YouContinue reading “That Woman Remembered – The Human Anvil”