it’s heavy, all this being.

i’m not as cleveras he, not as mightyas she.. but every bitastray.. as we. guess i’ll never reekof rich like he and i’ll never growpoor withgreed, nor will i be prettylike she, nor should i reallycare to be, in truth, it’s not sobad being me, just wish sometimesi could let someoneelse lift me, it’s heavy,Continue reading “it’s heavy, all this being.”

we are not disposable – kate58 (Just Another Girl)

time may slow, days may lagI’m older now so my breasts sagmy skin no longer a burnished goldbut I’m not useless: I’m just getting old grey – a bit thinning – grows my hairit takes a bit longer to get out that chairwrapped in a blanket cause I’m often colddon’t make me less worthy: I’mContinue reading “we are not disposable – kate58 (Just Another Girl)”

The way love is… – Michelle Cook We can love with all we’ve gotAnd we can give our hearts awayBut that doesn’t necessarily meanThat the ones we love will stay And sometimes there are peopleWho just can’t love you backNo matter what we say or doThere’s something that they lack And maybe it’s becauseSome people just can’t seeThe importance of aContinue reading “The way love is… – Michelle Cook”

The Hurting -Erik Shinker

I was searching for someone totrace my history throughfingerprint and dermal imperfection. We would read the scars on one another’sbodies like Braille; tellingthe stories of our hurts andthose who cut and carved into our memories.Seldom forgiven;never forgotten. A blind hope we wouldn’t be doing thesame damn thing in a couple ofyears with other lovers;telling themContinue reading “The Hurting -Erik Shinker”