come August – Just Another Girl

so complicatedthe relationship she has withthis particular swathe of dayslove in the morningmistrust in the afternoona butterflies-in-the-stomach feelingthat signals the monsoon time cannotbe trusteda trickster it has becomespilling wine in the eveningerasing sun from skyearly comes the darknesson the wings of a seagull’s cry copyright © 2020 KPM online at:

ancestral pain – just another girl

the painruns deepit lives in dreams& broken sleependless scraps ofSunday school dressessmell of burning flesh& scorched tresses the painit creepsunbiddenshe weepssigns that pointto a crowded backunfair lawspromoting endless lack that painshe tries to hideneedingjust one peaceful daybut that painis relentlessit never quitegoes away copyright © 2020 KPM online at:

POEM – Dry Fountain Wishes – B Gourley (the !n(tro)verted yogi) Sly town stretches along the sea,backed by sacred mountains.And amid shabby, city streetssits a broken fountain. And when the church bells peal at dusk,the drunk, they sing out loud.And all the robbers and the thievesslip through the gathered crowds. Pockets are picked and watches slippedfrom wrists of the hapless.On painted women, gooseflesh shows —theirContinue reading “POEM – Dry Fountain Wishes – B Gourley (the !n(tro)verted yogi)”

Buckshot – Luke Otley (My Troubled Mind)

She took her thingsthat lined the shelves, they leftholes in the dustlike buckshotin a stag’s flank. These shapesand their brazen absencewould have killedme if I were you, and it’s funnysix months ago it was, and yet alreadyit’s as if it happened to someone else, like when you hear about an oldschool friend t-bonedby a drunkdriverContinue reading “Buckshot – Luke Otley (My Troubled Mind)”