Beyond the Hungered Canvas – Michael33 (The Vision of Poets) The colors all ran togetherA masterpieceDrippingTo the floorLike spilt milkOn yesterday’s dreamsWhere rhymesAre but a memoryAnd nary an open handCan riseAbove the quicksandYet…The masterpieceRemains foreverIn the thoughts of the artistConceptions of all that is beautifulIn huesThat only sheHas imagined…She still can seeThe heather fieldsBeyond the hungered canvassThe sculpture still intactOn potter’s wheel –But sheContinue reading “Beyond the Hungered Canvas – Michael33 (The Vision of Poets)”

Fat Kid Blues – C.D. Anders

It takes some things to make the batter but up til then it does not matter The cake ain’t baked the stomach aches the mind itself can’t catch a break The flour and eggs the oil and milk don’t satisfy this troubled ilk But when it’s done and out to cool this fat kid sees he’sContinue reading “Fat Kid Blues – C.D. Anders”