War Chest – The Oldschool Harlequin (from World of Harley)

Each leader has a war chest,Millions,Paid for with blood and limbs,The gold of the chest,Pounds and dollars and roubles,Minted in hells flames,Emblazoned with skulls grinning,Baying for oil and miles, The true fuel for warfare,The ammunition of conflict,As the chest opens its charnel maw,Arms dealers rub their hands,And children cry in droves,The drool of the chest,ItContinue reading “War Chest – The Oldschool Harlequin (from World of Harley)”

Cottage Melody – JG Farmer (Raven)

Form: Catena Rondo The house of song we called it She sat playing her old guitar Singing of sun, moon, and star The house of song we called it She sat playing her old guitarPlucking notes on finger tipsSoul words forming on her lipsShe sat playing her old guitar Plucking notes on finger tipsWith storiesContinue reading “Cottage Melody – JG Farmer (Raven)”

Safe Harbor – Mitchell David Ring

Sails furled at the calm water bay drifting toward port as ghosts of long summer spent on seas with a will set to break us A banner torn free floats by ‘Safe harbor is a myth’ in bloody letters Still we drift on and come to that city waiting where the faces are hidden, eyesContinue reading “Safe Harbor – Mitchell David Ring”

Today’s Soul Whisper – A Phoenix in Waiting by Michèle Duquet

https://michelesorganics.wordpress.com/ A bird’s eye view on a day’s walkthe winds of changeexhale defeat standing stillis our fate and yet… through the soul’s eyesthe stillness rises,a Phoenixin waiting its dawn still bright ©Michèle Duquet, all rights reservedPhoto credit: Flo Maderebner from Pexels from more from this creative spirit at ‘organicschat’, please click here: https://michelesorganics.wordpress.com/