Ode to Music – (Nonso’s World)

https://nonsoweb.wordpress.com/ I’ve seen the colour of music; yellow like a budding sunflower, with blotted petals clothed in tumeric; I’ve treaded her country, so idyllic; where love and lust tastes sweet and sour, and the dreams bequeathed inspire moments of magic; I’ve heard her melody, so angelic; easing my nightmares in the darkest hour as theContinue reading “Ode to Music – (Nonso’s World)”

Melty Mansion on a Hill

inspired by a real filter fuck I gave this photo taken at daybreak.. melty mansion on a hillspillin’ down into open mouthof town’s crystalline river.. now a cesspool we vacation toonly when in need ofvile mutations, we slithered out hell’sneon river to grant theair its solemn shiverand sufferthe.. damnation ofhill’s melty mansion.

Strum my Banjolin

ever play a game of duelingeyebrows with your ownreflection.. like a madman? oh you have? what a reliefditchin’ that dirty littlesecret’s not provencheap, ever play a game of droolingbanjos with an angrymandolin? guess we run in differentcircles, just seems i’mever the squarejust tryin’ tofit in. image: https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/381469030909203965/

Blank Thoughts

https://somethingintherainn.wordpress.com/ Despondent daydreams And Vacant eyes. With a closed mouth, You say to get a clue. I can see it clearly, She’s the only girl you think of, You see her in everything like I do with you. Make believe there isn’t Light years between us, But those empty kisses Keep filling me up ImContinue reading “Blank Thoughts”