Survival Charade – Mitchell David Ring (The Light is On) Eyes out of night beyond transcendence come alive in a charade before the masses black as ink waiting to tell their story to pour out and drown the reaching hands Swim away through midnight and you may survive Float over fathoms deep, kingdoms of the sun long fallen to the crushing depths and lostContinue reading “Survival Charade – Mitchell David Ring (The Light is On)”

To my 15 year-old self – Helen Qin (Confessions of a Doctor to be) Hello there, we haven’t met, but there’s a day you’ll see, Our lives are inextricably linked, I know you better than me. A decade’s worth of wisdom to give and I know it’s unorthodox, But I’m going to tell you anyways, screw the temporal paradox. *** There’s a journey ahead of hills and valleysContinue reading “To my 15 year-old self – Helen Qin (Confessions of a Doctor to be)”

Another Day – JMac

What’s another day? It dependson who you ask. It’s all relative.Go ahead; ask a relative. Sure,it’s just 24 hours: 1,440 minutes.Some may say, it’s another day.Others say to not think ahead.Today is a day and tomorrowis another. That is where it getstricky. Who knows if we willsee another day? I guess wewill have to seeContinue reading “Another Day – JMac”

A Frog in The Well – Wildheart “Far away there is the great sea,With so many creatures unseen,Life is a struggle there,But you get the utmost freedom,Don’t be a frog in the well.”,That’s what they say. But why not?Is the question I ask again and again.Here’s my family and my friends,Why leave it all for the great sea?You keep talking about success,ButContinue reading “A Frog in The Well – Wildheart”

countless colors shall bring tomorrow – Said Sadain jr. the fires of life taste the flavor of dwarf gardens in poets’ dreams raised by cold river on rushing currents. nearby, a bare tree smiles at the sky and rises directly to the wind: behold the promise of a fountain fall to dissipate the fancies on rays of countless sun colors that knit theContinue reading “countless colors shall bring tomorrow – Said Sadain jr.”