To Your Heart – Chris Nelson

I sent a message to your heartThat only reached your headA string of words which hung on silkAround my neck like leadI wrote a tune, a melodyAnd hummed it in your earThe open heartbeat spaces thereThe sounds you couldn’t hearI smiled a smile behind my eyeTo bridge the gap betweenAnd grew a rainbow in theContinue reading “To Your Heart – Chris Nelson”

Untitled -Chris Nelson

Born into the night Sharp-suited, black Against the shadows, Felt your footsteps Cold and soundless Tracking, Each placed deep within my own, Your breath, Chill upon my neck As your words swirled, Like birds lost in the warmth Of early winter, Around my head, My back sheltered by  The uneasiness of your coat Wrapped aboutContinue reading “Untitled -Chris Nelson”

The Bells of St. Mark’s – Chris Nelson

And I heard the bells of Saint Mark’s Their plaintive cry counting the distance Like crows on the wind That stretched between us Each solemn tone a landmark On the horizon that I could never reach Each echoed silence a hollow Where all your words lie naked bruised I hear that the winter bites hardContinue reading “The Bells of St. Mark’s – Chris Nelson”

Lies We Weave – Chris Nelson

The lies we weaveHang from the ceilingsOf the roomsWe dreamed up onceUpon a timeIn nighttimes held inHands so large and warmWe never had to breathe,They hold us thereAfraid to move or breakThe cord that winds itsSilken threadAbout our limbsUntil the will to step from cornersDies and lies in silenceA shell bereft of care,And still weContinue reading “Lies We Weave – Chris Nelson”

Lead You Home – Chris Nelson

And the octopus-arm streets Lead me here And lead me there But never take me far From this town Whose sea-serpent limbs wrap Themselves about ankles Both delicate and firm Their resolve never broken Never blessed by the birds Who swoop the deep And trail their angel-feather wings Across the water Across the lives KissingContinue reading “Lead You Home – Chris Nelson”

Remember Me – Chris Nelson

When we passed upon the stair My eyes raised up and yours so low Our faces never met like I had always dreamed that they would Those days so distant, lives away Nights of noise and dance and drink Regretful sun-drowned hollow hours I strangled each and every one Behind the mirror-glass I saw TheContinue reading “Remember Me – Chris Nelson”

On Islands Lost – Chris Nelson

Into the air The words that I Wanted to say To you, Given their flight But only when The air was still To you, Into the space Between the dreams And what they mean To you, The things I said But not out loud The things I said To you, We stand alone Our shipsContinue reading “On Islands Lost – Chris Nelson”