ended – chester maynes

it’s not our choice.dilemma is fevered.twice is never enough.the clock is still ticking. there are shoes to fill.but not all feet can fit.we have different destiny.sometimes we have jealousy. the way we ended.we did not love.separation is bittersweet.life tangles with death. 2020 for more from this author, please click here: https://chestermaynes.wordpress.com/

Sparrow Lines – chester maynes

My psychology says, “I’m a better sparrow”Ridden adversaries from an open windowCaught a glimpse of a lifeless tomorrowSet higher hopes to escape from sorrow Prison pride, fight the tideOf loveless avenues, worn-out shoesSparkle of diamonds, I treasured the mostI fly beyond the great horizon Shared thoughts of limitless passionStruggled to escape from sweet temptationI landedContinue reading “Sparrow Lines – chester maynes”