LAST NIGHT YOU FELL – blindzanygirl

Last night you fellAnd I fell with youFor you are my lightThough often you don’t know itAnd as I wakeI hear you breathingAnd know that all is wellAnd wish for better days for youThat all could be peace againJust like it used to beBut for us there is no peaceJust the daily struggleExisting is noContinue reading “LAST NIGHT YOU FELL – blindzanygirl”

The Flea Who Kept Washing His Hands – blindzanygirl

A flea who kept washing his handsCouldn’t keep up with demandsHe fell down exhaustedHis arms he had bustedSo he fixed them with rubber bands for more flea fun, find blindzanygirl here:

Engine – blindzanygirl

There were always men at the farm, playing around with cars and tractors. We were used to bits and pieces of them lying around the place. Mostly they were old cars that they did up. I began young learning the language of cars, tractors, and various bits of machinery. It was quite fascinating. I soonContinue reading “Engine – blindzanygirl”

BE GONE – blindzanygirl

I tryTo shake you offSmash you into piecesSee you writhing on the hard groundDefeatIs yoursMy gift to you today with loveOf a different kindBe gone sly fearDie now for more from this author at ‘Blind Wilderness’, click here:

NEITHER OR EITHER – blindzanygirl

At the back of my mind I find youThough really you do not existPerhaps I made you upThen hid you ready to access when I need youOver and over againI turn over the things of lifeOr are they really deathI no longer known what is livingAnd what is dyingThough maybe both are the same thingContinue reading “NEITHER OR EITHER – blindzanygirl”

Holy Innocence – blindzanygirl

For the Feast Day of the Holy Innocents DangerLies in the pathOf holy innocenceThe darkness stalks those born to dieWho winsThe stakes?Those who lose their lives will gain themThough harsh may seem the pathHush gentle oneDon’t cry for more from blindzanygirl, click here: image: