WILLOW – blindzany girl (of blind wildnerness)

Willow weeps sad tearsWhen autumn’s glory passesWinter undresses Tears turn to joy SpringBegins to clothe the branchesLife returns again Full summer’s heat leavesThick with the fullness of lifeJoy in abundance Colours glowing leavesFilling us with the delightsThat autumn brings us Soon leaves die and fallBecoming dust on the groundSaying we are dust online at: https://blindwilderness.wordpress.com/

OUT OF MY BOX – blindzanygirl (blind wilderness)

The man I knew is on the rocksSoon his games will be endedI am out of my box Crafty he was, like a foxNo one my soul defendedThe man I knew is on the rocks I can’t turn back the clocksNone of it was intendedI am be out of my box His love was likeContinue reading “OUT OF MY BOX – blindzanygirl (blind wilderness)”

YOU THE PRIEST – blindzanygirl

I saw your nameIn my email boxMy heart felt fearAnd my stomach roseAbout to come out of my bodyMy head spunInside I cried“No, no”A migraine sets inYou are as cold as iceTo a blind personFrom your ivory towerYou dish out your “benevolence”I witherA crumbling wreckSomehow you make me feel dirtyFrom your position of powerYou, theContinue reading “YOU THE PRIEST – blindzanygirl”

FREEDOM – blindzanygirl (blind wilderness)

Slowly my eyes open to the morningI rub away the memories of yesterdayThe new day drops into my visionI greet it with all that I have within me I rub away the memories of yesterdayA blank page sits before meI greet it with all that I have within meWhat will my life write today? AContinue reading “FREEDOM – blindzanygirl (blind wilderness)”

IT WAS THERE BY THE SEA (a Reverse Poem) – blindzanygirl

TRY READING THIS FROM THE BOTTOM UP TOO (as explained here https://commonsensiblyspeaking.wordpress.com/2020/05/15/whittled-words-reverse-poem/) It was there by the seaWhere cooling breezes blewA garden for blind eyesI walked in there one dayI smelled delicious scents in this new placeOn the top of the cliffMy memory takes me thereWhen I need revivalOn black days for more at the blindContinue reading “IT WAS THERE BY THE SEA (a Reverse Poem) – blindzanygirl”

THE HILL OF MEMORIES – blindzanygirl

She sat on the hill of memoriesConnecting with her pastStripped of so much that made her humanRemembering happier timesYearning to return to that place for everKnowing she never could Bring me here at the end saying “Home at Last” With an ache she remembered the sunBeating down on the harvestThe celebration on gathering inThe wonderfulContinue reading “THE HILL OF MEMORIES – blindzanygirl”

LAST NIGHT YOU FELL – blindzanygirl

Last night you fellAnd I fell with youFor you are my lightThough often you don’t know itAnd as I wakeI hear you breathingAnd know that all is wellAnd wish for better days for youThat all could be peace againJust like it used to beBut for us there is no peaceJust the daily struggleExisting is noContinue reading “LAST NIGHT YOU FELL – blindzanygirl”

The Flea Who Kept Washing His Hands – blindzanygirl

A flea who kept washing his handsCouldn’t keep up with demandsHe fell down exhaustedHis arms he had bustedSo he fixed them with rubber bands for more flea fun, find blindzanygirl here: https://blindwilderness.wordpress.com/