(Funny Friday) – Svelte (Blasé)

They say my vision has diminished but I’m not so sure where once were two lights I’m now seeing four! I look into the mirror and what do I see one, two there’s a whole other me! they say my sight has diminished but I’m not so sure everywhere I look I’m seeing so muchContinue reading “(Funny Friday) – Svelte (Blasé)”

Untilted – Svelte (Blasé)

Irises adjust to let in the light in between the clouds heavy with rain full of iteration eyes open wide in a garden of solitude tethered by memory to Heaven on Earth waiting for you to come on the scene and be seen. – Jen (It rained from 10pm to 10am, nonstop. Yeah!) online at:Continue reading “Untilted – Svelte (Blasé)”

(Untitled Poem) – Svelte

Inside a garden paradiseyou scent my senseswith perfume delightwafting through the windmessing up my headplaying with my heartflowers are open to beguileon your lap, after dark.– Jen for more blase , click on over: https://wired4more.wordpress.com/