Silk Paper Dreams — Frédéric Georges Martin

The Night tries to let us know. How long will we remain deaf? The Moon does not shine. She simply faces the Sun. Things do not happen. They come and go. Time does not flow. It just pretends to pass. Worlds do not exist. They all are silk paper dreams, and so is Life andContinue reading “Silk Paper Dreams — Frédéric Georges Martin”

Hope (a double etheree)- Indieshe

Light, Vibrant,Spreading love,Now cloistered deepAnd Melancholic,It Fluttered in fury,Darting at the grey cover,Slipping through tiny crevices,The icicles now with a dull sheenA Suffusion of warmth so radiant.Leaving a fiery trail on dreary grey, The errant ray full of lively spright,A cavalcade of surging hope,Flaunting its golden shimmer,Consoling the dark surf ,For all was not lost,ShadesContinue reading “Hope (a double etheree)- Indieshe”

Jasmine and you – Dr. Nimish

a sincere floret. Her beauty behind the madness, accompanied by an exquisite fragrance, sometimes I miss her so much, that I can clearly smell herin the air, And there I found her,In my lawn Right in front of my balcony,near Jasmine plant . “Let me hug you tightlyLet me kiss you longly” They just dreams, turn ’em to reality,Continue reading “Jasmine and you – Dr. Nimish”