Finding you at summer’s end – Neha (forgotten meadows)

It was like… it was meant to be, finding you at summer’s end, where all things fall, through the dotted lines… of gold and red, finding you at summer’s end. poetry copyright neha 2020/ free image taken from pexels credit goes to original artist online at:

Red Rose – Janeen. G

The touch of a rose, Butterflies dancing in a row, The goddess sends her love, Her hair white like a rose dove, Deep with rose petals blood, I am dying to feel your love, The touch of a red rose, Dances around me like a rivers row… online at:

The Beauts – Cheemnonso (Nonso’s World)

There’s the graceful allure of august auroras,and the radiance of a splendid sun,seeing through the teardrops of heaven; There’s the ravishing bloom of pink cherry blossoms,and the artsy resplendence,weaved into the plumes of swirling macaws; There’s the last golden smile of a summer sunset,and the stunning dazzle of the moon and stars,enlivening the gorgeous collageContinue reading “The Beauts – Cheemnonso (Nonso’s World)”

Hope – Mermaid

It’s raining almost every second day,and I’m learning to bloom from the earth,From life less branches to bed of dead leaves,something inside of me is telling me to know my worth. Sun is always shining over mountainsstill, there is this darkness in the woods,dripping down the lifeless branchesin a way only hope could. My mindContinue reading “Hope – Mermaid”

Saplings – MISTYROADS (Culled from Flash Batteries – Poetry)

A beautiful poem of hope from MISTYROADS Saplings And so we grow,In winds bent backAgainst the stormsAnd lightning strikes.Headlong,Rise up,UnfurlIn splendourAnd well-lit graceOf Swift footstepsThat forever changeAnd twistIn those brief sorrowsOf untrained reachAnd growth in silent tears;That dry in hopeAnd sunlight given. Copyright ©RMC May 2020 Click here for more from  MistyRoads Blo for more at ‘flashlightContinue reading “Saplings – MISTYROADS (Culled from Flash Batteries – Poetry)”

The Beauty of Poetry —The FreeThinker

Poetry is an artistic expression of the “beautiful.” It encompasses feeling, imagination, beauty. Poetry is both “art” and “truth.” The poet, sometimes through cognition, which is like a gift, is able to create something beautiful. From Shakespeare to Milton to Wordsworth. The list is endless. To be able to see things through the eye ofContinue reading “The Beauty of Poetry —The FreeThinker”

Before the Fall Folds —Maria

your smile turns summer into a feeling and my world tilts towards you, babe i am a teen once again— blushing pink ‘neath love’s golden rays and i know seasons are passing and only fools rush in but before the fall folds. . . allow me to relish your summer smile walk with me alongContinue reading “Before the Fall Folds —Maria”