Timely Tempest – B Gourley (the !n(tro)verted yogi)

Savage winds hit like a ramming shoulder.Pelting rains sting like sand-blast on pink skin.Dipping ships drop from sight of their beholders.Soft sounds compile into a raucous din. Nothing stands still; everything is moving —Sound and Fury signifying Calm’s death.Minds conflate the confused and the confusing.Mouths gasp open but they can’t suck a breath. Angry godsContinue reading “Timely Tempest – B Gourley (the !n(tro)verted yogi)”

Mind Floater – B Gourley (the !n(tro)verted Yogi)

An idea drifts in my mind’s periphery. It’s the mental version of an eye squiggly —those translucent, sinuous shapes that… -barely register in one’s field of vision,-can be glimpsed but not focused upon,-and are insubstantial — but become a fixation. And I’m left to wonder whether it was really an idea,or just the feeling ofContinue reading “Mind Floater – B Gourley (the !n(tro)verted Yogi)”

POEM: Granite Lands – B Gourley (the !n(tro)verted yogi)

Land where granite domes bubble up,blistering the forest.Callousing its broad swath of greenwith an ashen gray nest. I know your echo from the landwhere I once took my rest,in those long gone days before Iset off on life’s grand quest. online at: https://berniegourley.com/

Poem: Reading Courageously – B Gourley

https://berniegourley.com/ If you’ve never been incensed,challenged, or nauseous —your reading is too safe, puny,and far, far too cautious. Reading should be a courageous actthat threatens all you know.It should shove your feet into shoesfar different from your own. If you want your world unchanged,T.V. is right for you.Books will insist you be torn a-part andContinue reading “Poem: Reading Courageously – B Gourley”

Poem: Fantastical Forest – B Gourley

Rounding a mountain forest trailfrom lee to the wet side,I walk amid mossy branchesdraped thick enough to hidean ogre, troll, or a dark elf —let ‘lone the old oak’s eyes. So many hidden paths diverge,and me without a guide. for more from B, click on over: https://berniegourley.com/

Poem: White Light – B. Gourley

https://berniegourley.com/ blinding white light,followed by:ice cream brain freeze — above&between the eyes like a red-hot pokerboring toward the pineal gland some reveled in that feeling others thought they were test driving hell but whatever else it may have been —IT WAS. for more from this deep diver, click on over: https://berniegourley.com/

POEM: Sound [Day 26 NaPoMo: Lyric] – B Gourley

https://berniegourley.com/ Relentless sound, relentlessly pounds —throbbing throughout the town.They crank the volume up so loud;I turn it right back down. But songs sung in quiet, they grindon the sour side of mind.Some lump of cells tries hard to findthe sound below the line. And when the sound yields to silence,my brain asks where it went,andContinue reading “POEM: Sound [Day 26 NaPoMo: Lyric] – B Gourley”

A Sonnet in Contradictions—B Gourley

a tantrum caught on the face, but not thrown a barrier unseen, like a mime’s “box” a sprouting plant sprung from a seed unsown and time shown on broken, not working, clocks passing the test using knowledge unknown farmer plows no field with an oxless ox interest free loans and the silent moan sale onContinue reading “A Sonnet in Contradictions—B Gourley”

Tempest: or, overstimulated – B Gourley

https://berniegourley.com/ A quiet kind of lightening stormwill fire in wild moments of mass,when thought chunks rush to the center —the very center — of my mind. It’s a ten ton pile up of thoughtfirst packed, then crammed, together fiercely. Just like the thunderless lightening,no sound escapes that brain tempest. for more from this author, pleaseContinue reading “Tempest: or, overstimulated – B Gourley”

Minor Tigers – B Gourley

Minor tigers fighting for air.This one? That one? The world don’t care. All the pretty ponies prancing,showing tribal styles of dancing. All the while the world is burning’cause of minor tiger yearnings. for more from the ‘!n(tro)verted yogi’click here: https://berniegourley.com/ image:https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/ASWznbIR9sQG1m4X9NpwK4aK85krP1osUYyeB5RKpWz7S3dbbx1V8vM/?lp=true