Hours – A.P. Christopher (a constant Variable)

So whether with a smile,Word, or song, or blade stilettoThey’re just different names for stringsAnd you, my dear, are still Geppetto And I, to them beholdenSaying all your lead is goldenWait with sadly bated breath to see how long until I fold in And underneath the ireWhere your grin is like a daggerAnd the woundsContinue reading “Hours – A.P. Christopher (a constant Variable)”

Vapor – A.P. Christopher (constant Variable)

I waited there with falling starsReminding me of city lightsAnd held them like a precious gemThat only knew a value if I kept it hidden, safe, and out of sight I held you in a fragile cupOf dreams I was afraid to tasteOr even let it touch my lipsIn fear that doing so would beContinue reading “Vapor – A.P. Christopher (constant Variable)”

Candles – A.P. Christopher (constant Variable)

The candles are burningThere one for her nameThere’s one to remind meThe day that she came Was a day rather normalUntil it was notLike a candle that’s burningBut no longer hot There’s one for her echoAnd one for her voiceThere’s one I keep tryingTo light as if choice Was enough to ignite itOr choose howContinue reading “Candles – A.P. Christopher (constant Variable)”

Reliquary – A.P. Christopher (constant Variable)

In the wake of what we planWhere nothing grows and nothing canAnd all the acres left between usSpan the world and what they mean wasEvery tiny piece of worth we feared to ever feel was left to die Slow and slim – a sallow crestAnd labored lungs in hollowed chestThat uttered something named redemptionIn aContinue reading “Reliquary – A.P. Christopher (constant Variable)”

Hunter – A.P. Christopher

Set upon a mantle, under wax, within a bowlThe last remaining fragment of the heart the hunter stoleWhere quandary and question bled together on a scrollHe inked in blood and ashen dustUsing a quill he dipped in rustSearching the letters like a loop that he assumed he could control Desolation danced within the letters neathContinue reading “Hunter – A.P. Christopher”