Little Free Photos

Anthony is off writing somewhere distant. I am still here randomly, discovering new voices, sharing original pictures for poem prompts, listening to bird song. How is your summer? What is capturing your imagination?

Little Free Photos

Trying something new!! Leave some descriptive words in the comment section. Take some words with you. Use the inspiring words in a poem. Post the poem on your blog. You are welcome to use my photo in the blog post. You can share the blog link in the comments so we can visit your blogContinue reading “Little Free Photos”

Swing Over the City

swingin’ tall over thebustlin’ rush of innercity’s dizzy bees, hive’s all lit up, somuch nothin’to see, but what lurks upthere lightin’me? and am i bright ’nuff orjust someone else’snothin’ muchto see? image: Pixabay (some very gifted artist) image:

Looking for Poetry Scouts

I’ve tried to post a variety of poems, but figured I would reach out to see if anyone else would be interested in culling some creative splatter for the site. What’s that they say about too many cooks? Well, I enjoy so many damn flavours!! 😉 Let’s get some worthy words a few more eyes.Continue reading “Looking for Poetry Scouts”

Life is Beautiful with You

Twenty posts posting, means I have discovered 20 wonderful poets. And actually, since this achievement, I have discovered many, many more lovers of words!! The truest gift, on Grumpy Gifts, is the perpetual discovery of many more brilliant and beautiful talented people. Thank you for letting me into your precious world. I am honored toContinue reading “Life is Beautiful with You”

Trembling soul Midnight Tolls – Maria

Trembling soul midnight tolls Escaping minds wonder A thief A thirst Adrift in the night Dancing spirits Traveling through me Faster than waves of light A determined being A wonder shifting through to read more from Maria at Pearl Girl Ponderings, click here:

Strip-poetry: Ustav Raj

Strip-poetry You taught me poetry doesn’t have to belonglikethis.It doesn’t have to rhymeevery single time.All poetry needs to be is a punchinto someone’s gutstrong enough to make them gasp.“Poetry is a seedand you are the sunflower.”Strip a poem word by worddown to this bare bone,and you’ll find that poetryis just a couple of words deep.PoetryContinue reading “Strip-poetry: Ustav Raj”