Cascades D’Amour — Joni Caggiano

Red is the clay that talks to me, dotted with emerald eyes Unyielding are its walls of love, languid Morocco, where I eagerly wait Sea winds call to me, as I have seen her movement of sapphire, and cerulean Cascades d’Ouzoud, like beating hearts your waters drumming, steam moving upwards Yearning for her hot sandsContinue reading “Cascades D’Amour — Joni Caggiano”

“conquering every dream under escaping collapse” —Shattered Mind

trapped beyond recognized collapsing rain the stillness of encryption written in lost magazines damaged colors in the rain scream from the illuminated screens in your eyes saving souls with medicated half-lives against written frequencies withstand the silence when people fall through processed skies the turmoil burning through your face breaks a million faults of imageContinue reading ““conquering every dream under escaping collapse” —Shattered Mind”

Plea —JoJo Alwaealy

Part 1 In silence I hear your voice cracking, You whisper your final wish; “You and I are lacking.” So simple it was for you to say. Beyond my mind, beyond my soul, I was lost for you not to stay. you said; “You knew it would happen one day”. The burden I felt streamingContinue reading “Plea —JoJo Alwaealy”

Convince Me —Intellectual Shaman

Why is it that the human race always tries to convince me? Drive this car like me like her buy this house care what I have to say politics “you’re either for us or against us.” “I am for myself.” “you are so selfish,” they might say for the most part, I just want toContinue reading “Convince Me —Intellectual Shaman”

Her Summer Ft Harry Styles —Kinny

Between the sun and her grace the beams are striking or striking the rays the drift that kindles the blossom of the flower her smell chanting the scent of her lover they miss the kiss the fruit of the summer the softness the sweetness the freshness that hovers there were, there are, there will beContinue reading “Her Summer Ft Harry Styles —Kinny”

Sonnets Keep Flowing —Jeni Bate

Place as secret Your presence is a mirror, taut and round, a love letter from a time I can’t recall, so much of me, it’s hardly there at all, the surface of a depth far more profound than space. You are the wind with which I run, the movement in the sky, that which IContinue reading “Sonnets Keep Flowing —Jeni Bate”

Life — Kamakhya

I asked death is there death? death said.. No. there is life. death only separates life, in different strata! Death is amidst and within life, everyday, everywhere, in pursuit of hatred Jealousy and greed! Virtue is passion for compassion Vice is being instrumental of inflicting pains, to others! @ Kamakhya Read more thoughts of Kamakhya