how — Weirdly Wired Us

How dependent I am, on the familiar, the memorized, to find my way around places, around people. How anxious I become when I encounter the new, my misconceptions, poverty of information, demanding a fantastic patience till the new becomes less so. How I make memories and forget, as the new becomes familiar, as the familiarContinue reading “how — Weirdly Wired Us”

Sitting on the Porch —Keith Garrett

Warm and cozy words from Keith Garrett. I hope you are well. SITTING ON THE PORCH From where I sit on a Christmas Eve night, Cold and breezy, a fire in my sight. There is no moon as clouds cover this land, Soon it will snow, a warm drink in my hand. The trees areContinue reading “Sitting on the Porch —Keith Garrett”

Piece of You_Amy Finley

When said you had to go, I knew I’d never make it through Unless I had a piece of you To help me make it through the day And help me keep the tears at bay. So, I keep a bit of you Inside my heart through all I do So, when I end upContinue reading “Piece of You_Amy Finley”

Broken Cursives —Life in Yellows

Have you ever lost your heart in the hems of broken cursives? It’s a mystic realm that draws you in… like a black hole is known to snatch the world away. To the people of stones and metal, it may seem like forbidden magic when a poet holds your hand and walks you through theContinue reading “Broken Cursives —Life in Yellows”

Emotions —Manuel Osornio

Manuel Osornio is one of the first bloggers I encountered, when I started sharing my words on WordPress. We began this journey relatively at the same time. Cheers friend!! ✌🏼🎭 ——– Emotions!!! Color these pages, Make them like oceans; Deep and ageless. Emotions!!! Let others see and feel That they are not alone in thisContinue reading “Emotions —Manuel Osornio”

Life is Beautiful with You

Twenty posts posting, means I have discovered 20 wonderful poets. And actually, since this achievement, I have discovered many, many more lovers of words!! The truest gift, on Grumpy Gifts, is the perpetual discovery of many more brilliant and beautiful talented people. Thank you for letting me into your precious world. I am honored toContinue reading “Life is Beautiful with You”

Fighter —Vinx

Good morning poetry lovers. 🕯——— Are you glad to see my back So that only you can advance Are you glad to see my fall So that you alone can fly high… Are you envious of my shine Sorry to break it down to you Amazing how hard I fall Someone like me never giveContinue reading “Fighter —Vinx”

Impromptu —Emotional Notions

The weather today, where I live, is rainy, grey and bone-chilling. Time to warm up with poetry. 🔥📚🍷 Mind needs it more than the body…warming of spirit. ©EmotionalNotions Cold? Warm up with Emotional Notions poetry blog. 🔥