Tangled —Freak Sneha

And at times these thoughts Are caught up and held. At times these are bizzardly arduous. Why cant it be simple and sober? Why it has to be knotted all over? As much as I try, to let it go. As much as I want, the feelings to flow. They keep knocking My brains outContinue reading “Tangled —Freak Sneha”

Unseen —David Green

If only I could Tell her how much I love her – want To be with her But all I can Do is dance with her in a dream on The clouds For she is just a Wisp of my over active imagination The ghost who Haunts my past My one and only companion unseenContinue reading “Unseen —David Green”

Dreamers Ordeal -Wildheart

There’s so many things to do and so little time…  Dreams to be achieved Records to be set  Adventures to be seeked Parents to be made proud Dream house to be bought  Gym to be hit Healthier life to be lead Fine literature to be read  Books to be written Movies to be watched  FriendsContinue reading “Dreamers Ordeal -Wildheart”

Rainbow —Forgotten Meadows

That day… The world forgot to be kind, and you forgot to be patient, and in between figuring out who you were, and where you came from, and why you were here, the clouds of life, poured on you, and your heart cried with the rain… but, when it was over, and though the worldContinue reading “Rainbow —Forgotten Meadows”

Small Talk —Writer in Retrospect

You tell me I’m no fun, But I think I’ve overdosed on it: Years spent laughing, joking; Often feeling none of it. You tell me I should talk some more, But what have I to say? Nothing you would like to hear, So I think it best I stay away. You tell me there’s aContinue reading “Small Talk —Writer in Retrospect”

Museum —Divil the Bit

It’s about that which went before and nostalgia is not an option. So begins the road to the past and I drive down Landseer street. Land seer indeed. What things I’ve seen and shared. But how to proceed? Perhaps in prehistory; rocks and the beginnings of life; a different life in Belfast, aeons ago.I seeContinue reading “Museum —Divil the Bit”

Whispered Procession. —Anandkas

Ready to think? What are your thoughts. I am generally intrigued in your reaction. ——– An entire generation becoming a dumb nincompoop just by being existent. The television, the newspapers, the art, the fight, the hungry womb, the stinking fire every frolicking ingredients have become an agenda to create some faithful servants of nonthinking machineries.Continue reading “Whispered Procession. —Anandkas”

Sparkle — Mark Ryan

Placing hands on such skin. Wishing to dive right in. And swim, in the soul full of diamonds. I broke you out amber. Pulled away the tar and thick oil. Which stained my hands and heart. One kiss pulls me under. One word lifts me up. The vibrations are clear, and stardust tells no lies.Continue reading “Sparkle — Mark Ryan”