The Look My Soul Has – Anna Mosca

in between loving catsand feeding eldersroaming paths it was the caressingwith my eyes of the olivetrees barks twisted by the winds and the lackof water – is that the lookmy soul has – she had no idea life was businessto attend same the churchand the cats and the elderly for more from this deep feelingContinue reading “The Look My Soul Has – Anna Mosca”

How Often We Forget – Anna Mosca

how often we forgetit is us revolvingaround the sun we sit contemplatingin our living roomthe shadows changing how often we forgetwe are mirrorsof others attitudes we point the fingerpick up a part to actjust impersonating how often we forgetto simply be a simpleword being thank you no chats about the sunmoving raising settingtelling ourselves truthsContinue reading “How Often We Forget – Anna Mosca”

Firecrest — Anna Mosca

why not marvel at the thin long beak of the firecrest . or cry tears realizing such songs came from a thumb size chest . he fit the mouth of my cat so little it was this bundle of joy . covering the sky among trees with his wings soft in my palm now ReadContinue reading “Firecrest — Anna Mosca”