OUT OF MY BOX – blindzanygirl (blind wilderness)

The man I knew is on the rocksSoon his games will be endedI am out of my box Crafty he was, like a foxNo one my soul defendedThe man I knew is on the rocks I can’t turn back the clocksNone of it was intendedI am be out of my box His love was likeContinue reading “OUT OF MY BOX – blindzanygirl (blind wilderness)”

Wisp – The Human Anvil

https://thehumananvilblog.wordpress.com/ The needle was coldLike iceDrawn on paperAnd my skinPoured forth, at it’s touch;Soft as vapour . My, my, rainbow blueWhere are thouIn this sky:Past Siberian prairiesOr neath valleysSpilling high? These dreams aren’t mineAren’t mine are these wallsI was taught to build themTo learn how to fallAnd I still can so hearThose bricks seeping salt‘Continue reading “Wisp – The Human Anvil”

Halo’s Middle

like humming haloover tar poolswept, my trace soaks you in,from dry spot timedisappeared, in murky mirror’ssecrets kept, face no longer seen as cleanin reflection carvedby ripples, and foggy forest fallshush ‘neath halo’shoveringmiddle. image: https://stock.adobe.com/ro/search?k=%22solar%20halo%22

Strawman Argument – The Oldschool Harlequin(World of Harley)

From these shores,To many others,Red,Blue,Green,Flag after flag,Of all stripes,Strawmen are erected, Fallacies are spawned,Ideas are distorted,And eviscerated,To sate a tribal idealism,Debates become bloodbaths,Scholars lose themselves,And become cut-throats,With fallacious dirks, Being right is the only victory,Even as sense must be sacrificed,Herbal teas spilled,The diplomatic table is in flames,Chessboards and statistics,Logic has become smoke,The strawman still stands.Continue reading “Strawman Argument – The Oldschool Harlequin(World of Harley)”

Falling Fees – Lion i

fees must fallafro students crieda wake up callto trustees who lied unforgettable a protestmemoir re-seventy sixa hacker from the pastdruggies do need a fix burnt police vansecho on one ash podiumlogic lacks senseego stupidity at random odd political clansa howling for even termscold typical scamsnone a student deserves fees must fallway down up until freeallContinue reading “Falling Fees – Lion i”

Fragmented Thoughts (7) – Nikitha Nair(it rains in my heart)

An eternity waits for you.An eternity waits for me.It won’t be long before we meeteach other. River beds go dry.River beds go dry,sparrows swallow seeds,the pots are broken,and will never be filled.But the eternity waits for us.A second, an hour walks slow,taunting me,but holding,holding a promise of tomorrow,a promise of you. –Nikitha Nair

the earth has been anouncing – eva van beek

My garden has been awaitingdead-frozen-stillsilent foliage, overwhelmed,ceding to chillwinter’s will Our sky has been acceptinglost-distant-coldchanging colours, comatose,bowing to bleaknature’s hold A tree has been heraldingfresh-greedy-gladunknown rumble, eagerly,waking to timekeeper’s fad The earth has been announcingred-lively-hotcoughing nature, forcefullyplaying to vastcosmos’ plot Our future has been disruptedgrim-cruel-blackturning tables, viciouslywaiting to springseason’s track for more from this creativeContinue reading “the earth has been anouncing – eva van beek”

In Between

one decent day stepsstraight intoanother with no rest inbetween. is decent pleasingenough to maskthe sorrow? been firing at stars with arrow tiedto a stone, bearing the gravityof tomorrow, for time stalledin between. image: https://pixels.com/featured/small-in-between-graham-dean.html image: https://nettiethomson.com/blog-posts/colouring-outside-the-lines/