Colours Change – JG Farmer (Raven)

Form: Englyn proest gadwynog The seasons turned, summer passedThe cricket games came and wentAs colours change the trees blastVibrant hues in autumn’s want Soon our feet can kick through fallTo sit on the cooling shoreThe lake ripples, softly callTime passing the seasons share ©JGFarmer2020 online at:

Silent Voice – JG Farmer (Raven)

Form: Free Verse Too afraid to speak to stand up and say my name instead my voice tapers to silence as it falls on deaf ears and the voice I hear is not mine instead the only thing I achieve is not to speak so no one, not even me, can hear me and IContinue reading “Silent Voice – JG Farmer (Raven)”

Cottage Melody – JG Farmer (Raven)

Form: Catena Rondo The house of song we called it She sat playing her old guitar Singing of sun, moon, and star The house of song we called it She sat playing her old guitarPlucking notes on finger tipsSoul words forming on her lipsShe sat playing her old guitar Plucking notes on finger tipsWith storiesContinue reading “Cottage Melody – JG Farmer (Raven)”

Make it Today – JG Farmer (Raven)

Form: Free Verse I feel the coldness of your touch lingerSigh, as again you tease with a fingerI hunger for you dark queen, your realm I seekFreedom in your shadow from chains so bleakHail dark angel, blessed queen, make it todaySlice the scythe goddess and take me your way ©JGFarmer2008 for more from this ravenousContinue reading “Make it Today – JG Farmer (Raven)”

The Old Tom Cat – JG Farmer (Raven)

Form: Free Verse Vague dreamsdesiring the unknownregretting the sorrow of lovingand not lovingunderstanding nothing but burningtears of the passions of my human mindnever holding mealways restricting my heartand like a cat caught in the dreary shadowsI will fall into that weary stateof curiosity ©JGFarmer2020 for more from the feathered quill, click here: