NaPoWriMo 12 April 2019 —Poetry TAT

most bridges don’t naturally burnusually they just collapseunder the weight oftheir own situationor some humanpressing The Poetry Teaching Artist Training Project is quite confusing to follow. And I have not found poetry posted since April 2019. Or even how to navigate the sight to find poetry. 😣

Spreading Wings | The Vision of Poets

Spreading Wings It’s hard to feel the words When you are dying Locked inside the vault Of your own skin It’s hard to reach for verses When your arms can’t reach for grace While DNR’s lie inked Beneath the pen It’s hard to find the rhyme Inside the rainfall Locked within the pain That fogsContinue reading “Spreading Wings | The Vision of Poets”

An Ordinary Girl —Ishita Gupta

“An ordinary girl in fancy outfits.” An invisible label on her head. Her journey ridiculed and hardships neglected, Her blood now, a fierce shade of red. Stepped on the stage with poise and grace, Determined to unleash her true colours. A soft start with a perfect arabesque, En pointe back curved to the side, other. Immersed herselfContinue reading “An Ordinary Girl —Ishita Gupta”

Abyssal – Varnika Jain (Moonlighting Scrivener)

The abyss did not just stare back at me It seemed to echo my inner symphony And I Mesmerised by the melody Stepped into the chasm And let it subsume me Till there was nothing but complete harmony for more from this deep diver, click on over:

The Artist in Love —David J Hopcroft

The Artist in Love The pen moves gently along the lines Sometimes pausing with the artist’s thought Then rushing forward like a dam that has burst Creativity that quenches the artist’s thirst Scenes feelings and emotions all brought together Words then are tokens of so many different signs The pen now sketches out a pictureContinue reading “The Artist in Love —David J Hopcroft”

A World in a Room – Piyush Singh

Quarantined in a roomWith many smiling friendsBob asks me to sit,“Forget your worries, kid” Simon loves to spinBlowing air with a grinHe loves to keep me coldA brother whose story untold There’s a MattressIn the roomWho loves to make me sleepA mother’s lap to see dreams A world full of soulsA book-shelf full of storiesFriendsContinue reading “A World in a Room – Piyush Singh”

A Dreamer’s Ordeal There’s so many things to doAnd so little time… Dreams to be achieved,Records to be set,Adventures to be seeked,Parents to be made proud,Dream house to be bought,Gym to be hit,Healthier life to be lead,Fine literature to be read ,Books to be written,Movies to be watched ,Friends to be caught up with,And on and on goes the list.Continue reading “A Dreamer’s Ordeal”

To the flower. – Jeni Bate

To the flower. I’m sorry,that had to be incomprehensible painto be ripped from your plantjust when you were bloominghoping for beesto fertilizeto make seeds, a future. But he plucked you I know,doing it in loveof your beauty,of me,of the day. He brought it with hearts in his eyesone sunny morningwanting nothing but to make meContinue reading “To the flower. – Jeni Bate”

Blank Thoughts Despondent daydreams And Vacant eyes. With a closed mouth, You say to get a clue. I can see it clearly, She’s the only girl you think of, You see her in everything like I do with you. Make believe there isn’t Light years between us, But those empty kisses Keep filling me up ImContinue reading “Blank Thoughts”