memories – hazel meadows remembering you is like being sick and the sun shining outside. the memories are beautiful but I still feel like hell inside for more from this author, please find here here: image:

Prompt – Pleasant Street Why women only?Are we victims–I do not feellike a victimas I risemy heart beatingmy breath in and outall day for more from this author, please click here: image:

Looking for Poetry Scouts

I’ve tried to post a variety of poems, but figured I would reach out to see if anyone else would be interested in culling some creative splatter for the site. What’s that they say about too many cooks? Well, I enjoy so many damn flavours!! 😉 Let’s get some worthy words a few more eyes.Continue reading “Looking for Poetry Scouts”

Passion Flower – House of Heart

The vibrancy of peony lush curls of gardenia the brush of nurture on birds of paradise tempests of wildflowers scattered across a meadow tame the feral garden she blooms for you art by Ronnie Piccard for more at House of Heart, click here:

Elements – My Valiant Soul

An old saying I recite,mapping the distance of my chest to my thighs,sipping hot tea,the typical Indian aroma,the distinctive sniff which makes your crawl  your mind,to rummage through the orange teal box of old photographs,the box of stoic flushed postcards.It happens in a minute.A sky so distant and full of grays.The mountains from the Space.DryContinue reading “Elements – My Valiant Soul”

Ride – Frank Regan

You have to drive with your eyesIf you want to get there alive.Or you can kick your shoes off,Take it easy and just ride. Knowing every day you die a little inside. Put your sunglasses on or take the time.Be a passenger, honey, or read the signs.Stay up to see the sunrise; see the colours;Continue reading “Ride – Frank Regan”

Belief of Belief – Priyamvada (Ray of Sunshine)

Image Source – Google ” Some people who call themselves wise, assume that innocent and honest people are fools. And this particular belief puts a big question mark on their wisdom.” Yeah, they are sensibleGreat and practicalOnly believe in being representableSomething which is fashionable But, Innocence is admirableNo matter what but unalterableAnd, they call itContinue reading “Belief of Belief – Priyamvada (Ray of Sunshine)”

The Cleansing – Monica C. Voskamp

really simple and heartfelt piece I came across this morning. It begged for share. She dipped her toes in the crystal blue Warm shivers ran down her back The gentle coolness relieving All that was past. She stepped into shallow waters clear Slowly sank down to the earth And just let the water drench HerContinue reading “The Cleansing – Monica C. Voskamp”

Strip-poetry: Ustav Raj

Strip-poetry You taught me poetry doesn’t have to belonglikethis.It doesn’t have to rhymeevery single time.All poetry needs to be is a punchinto someone’s gutstrong enough to make them gasp.“Poetry is a seedand you are the sunflower.”Strip a poem word by worddown to this bare bone,and you’ll find that poetryis just a couple of words deep.PoetryContinue reading “Strip-poetry: Ustav Raj”

"A Big Word"- Nyana Nair

I am happy. Almost.I leave my bed to sit beside the windowthat looks over the road.I stare at everything that lives and dies beside me.I will my brain to think of a rhymethat I can gift this world.I feel that my love for this oceanof people far exceeds my loathing.I am almost happy to beContinue reading “"A Big Word"- Nyana Nair”