I prevail – Michelle Cook

https://herwritinghaven.com/ As my eyes openThe light deflects my thoughtsLike insects they scurry awayLeaving a trail of unfinished reflections This is why I write so much betterWhen I’m on the verge of dreamingIn darkness and seclusionIs where most of my ideas are born Just like the vast oceansTeeming with animals we’ve never seenSo it is theContinue reading “I prevail – Michelle Cook”

The Girl With the Pink Hair – C.D. Anders

the sneeze of a flea the drop of a pin the sound of one hand clapping again a sigh in a storm a silent fanfare that whisper of hope when few people care for more from this author, please click here: http://cdandersblog.wordpress.com/

The Playlist – Tanya Cliff

Back from the deadThe tomb did not consumeI am being dramaticIt was just an MRIIt felt like a tomb,except for the meditation musicI could have selected Alternative RockIs there a Spotify playlist across the River Styx?What tunes comfort that lonely sail?I don’t know; it was just an MRIYou enter an MRI breast scan face-down,midsection supportedContinue reading “The Playlist – Tanya Cliff”

regret – cnw

To ponder of past times,Wondering of missed signs. What use is it now,Thinking what time would allow? Some bridges are burned,Hard lessons to be learned. Missed connections of love,Never to be taken for granted of. It never seems enough,Life always seems tough. Regret captures all time,Present, forward, and rewind.

Ghost Food – tref

When camping, in order to ward off scavenging bears, it is recommended that you hang your food high in the trees, because the food will appear to be floating, and if there is one thing a bear does not like it’s un-explained phenomena. Seen near the Nevada border for more at ‘trefology’, click here, unpredictably:Continue reading “Ghost Food – tref”

memories – hazel meadows

https://hazelmeadows.wordpress.com/ remembering you is like being sick and the sun shining outside. the memories are beautiful but I still feel like hell inside for more from this author, please find here here: https://hazelmeadows.wordpress.com/ image: http://www.conversationsmagazine.org/web-features/2018/9/10/wzsa3i79220v5m2xc00bl8mxmq4zob

Prompt – Pleasant Street

https://areyouthrilled.com/ Why women only?Are we victims–I do not feellike a victimas I risemy heart beatingmy breath in and outall day for more from this author, please click here: https://areyouthrilled.com/ image: https://jaimehaney.com/product/rose-mystique/

Looking for Poetry Scouts

I’ve tried to post a variety of poems, but figured I would reach out to see if anyone else would be interested in culling some creative splatter for the site. What’s that they say about too many cooks? Well, I enjoy so many damn flavours!! 😉 Let’s get some worthy words a few more eyes.Continue reading “Looking for Poetry Scouts”

Passion Flower – House of Heart

The vibrancy of peony lush curls of gardenia the brush of nurture on birds of paradise tempests of wildflowers scattered across a meadow tame the feral garden she blooms for you art by Ronnie Piccard for more at House of Heart, click here: https://houseofheartweb.wordpress.com/