silence – Melody Chen (heartbeatingwings)

you call me on the phonecrying, because you do not think you are a good personthey said we could be anything but we chose to be silentand it is so beautiful to be alivebut only until a man is just a bodyuntil our taped lips kiss the motionless chestuntil teeth grind the tongue into aContinue reading “silence – Melody Chen (heartbeatingwings)”

Wild Flower – Daffni Gingerich We laughed. We drank. He was somewhere far off while I sat with my friends and debated whether I should text him. I think I’m losing my focus. But then again these shifts are making me sit on my ass and write about those flies that slam against window screens. They keep trying toContinue reading “Wild Flower – Daffni Gingerich”

Library Owner – Word Hunter (Poetry and Prose) Hidden in the corner,Like a quiet foreigner,I lived day in-day out,Witnessing all about.Millions killed,Bruised and burned,Took me to places of no return.Some robbed and murdered,Some fought and cheated,Broke my heart when love was defeated.Oh! The kiss, His sweetest kiss.Made my heart blushed as I smiled.Saw several loved and died,Sometimes I quietly cried.From dusk toContinue reading “Library Owner – Word Hunter (Poetry and Prose)”

M – Rascuno – Draft Just as spring came, so did the day of that flower so particular that it graces our gardens. The one that perfumes our days and brings us joy with its multicolored petals, which despite being in evidence in the spring remain beautiful in any season, not only physically but from the heart. It hasContinue reading “M – Rascuno – Draft”

Circle the Dead – Daffni Gingerich I let the water wash away my sex. I let my thoughts drift in and out of stories and dimensions. There’s a primitive scent about me. There’s water circling the drain like crows circle the dead. All I know is I’m going in the ground with a fight and I hope something gives, soContinue reading “Circle the Dead – Daffni Gingerich”

Forward – Watt (Celluloid Trances) Putting his best foot first off the ledge of the bed, As the sun slowly glistened outside, Striking its rays at the ground in installments, The tired bed-covers hugged the floor, And he arranged his feet level to the door. His habits reflected conditions, And he practiced life like it was his religion. WhatContinue reading “Forward – Watt (Celluloid Trances)”

From there till Yesterday – Watt (Celluloid Trances) Trading places with the fading face of the sun, the moon surfaced up the horizon. And in the atonal clucks of an electric radio, music entered the exit points of everywhere. People built bets that night. He pushed out of the memory of working days, still with their racing clocks. Turning time, and rippingContinue reading “From there till Yesterday – Watt (Celluloid Trances)”

Identity —Lively Life

My coffee had a belly. It went under the second I swished it around it’s mug. Or is it my mug? It has more ownership being inside of it afterall. That is not to say being inside a woman, you own her. So maybe safe to say, it is the mug I am sipping outContinue reading “Identity —Lively Life”

Darkness Fell the Hollow Ones — The New Renaissance Mindset

Dimension: 9″ (23cm) x 12″ (30cm) The night fell and it became so dark that even the music became covered by it. We know it’s there but can hardly hear it. It floats behind the darkness. Our little figure has become the source of light within this darkness. Our behatted friend, Monteferro, perhaps a littleContinue reading “Darkness Fell the Hollow Ones — The New Renaissance Mindset”

What now? – Watt (Celluloid Trances) I can feel the scratches unravelling something of saddening depth, as I try to claw my way out of things I have exits for. What am I doing? I’m being loud, so you can listen, I’m being silent, and so you can taste the outlines of fine print when you search for prayers, andContinue reading “What now? – Watt (Celluloid Trances)”