Looking Through Different Windows – Intellectual Shaman

I’ve looked up at windows and I’ve looked out of windows my whole life. And the world is colored by light. the day dawns and the night speaks while I lay in bed listening… I want to stop the seasons prevent the world from turning but reality won’t let me and the loneliness of theContinue reading “Looking Through Different Windows – Intellectual Shaman”

Bathroom Meltdowns – stoner on a roller coaster

https://stoneronarollercoaster.com/ Loneliness whispered to meThere’s nobody watching youNobody envying your smileNobody smiling at your tearsNobody mocking your feelingsNot a single soul belittling your fearsSo, breathe easy, hunAnd it let it beLoosen that knot in your throatAnd set your grudges freeYou can be mad, that’s okayThat boiling rage is weakening your heartPunch something if you wantContinue reading “Bathroom Meltdowns – stoner on a roller coaster”

To Get To You – House of Heart

In this dream my arms are the branches of trees and you are my nourishment. Cut me down to a boat. My spine is a sturdy keel my hair a furl of sails in the dark sky of uncertainty. A lighthouse is my only lamp the stars held captive in your hand. If the seaContinue reading “To Get To You – House of Heart”

what is quiet certainty like?

surelylife would beeasierif i couldspeakwithout questioning my voicethinkwithout examining my thoughtsactwithout wondering whatmotivatesme…everything i put forthis subject to a three dimensionalinquisitionam i rightam i wrongam i pacifyingam i blowing it alloutof proportion…ah.to attackwithout regretwithout anxietywithout a second thoughtto conquerwithoutwonderingwhy. in these stupid times we are in…my resorting to a very simple adjective for a complicatedContinue reading “what is quiet certainty like?”

Millennia – Mitchell David Ring (The Light is On)

A stirring in primeval shadows given out to dreams that fell from the sky blind eyes know only the promise of light and grasping in the shadows to find it These are they who drink from the fountain of consciousness who live and die and live again watching millennia cross the skies above this worldContinue reading “Millennia – Mitchell David Ring (The Light is On)”

Chakra – G. Paul Randall (Starfish Sutra)

https://gpaulrandall.com/ The Wheel Behold the wheel as motion incarnate. Inventor of the metaphor. Roundation is its pride, spokes the whispering of its ministers, its axle the secret grief. Turning until the grease dries up, then burning. A mechanism, its gears a-turning. In thinking, wheels turning, turning. Spheres of influence, around, around. Circles have no need of ground.Continue reading “Chakra – G. Paul Randall (Starfish Sutra)”

“conquering every dream under escaping collapse” —Shattered Mind

trapped beyond recognized collapsing rain the stillness of encryption written in lost magazines damaged colors in the rain scream from the illuminated screens in your eyes saving souls with medicated half-lives against written frequencies withstand the silence when people fall through processed skies the turmoil burning through your face breaks a million faults of imageContinue reading ““conquering every dream under escaping collapse” —Shattered Mind”