Western Wall

Western Wall July is a slow river. It slides behind a mirror sky Smoothed by silence and bees A breeze of roses and sweeping swallows, A sweet weight of honeysuckle. The hay is cut between rains. It lies in long warm lines. Certainty and uncertainty Is what we live with. Storing up what keeps us.Continue reading “Western Wall”

Night Sweats

Night Sweats https://insertpropagandahere.wordpress.com/2021/05/05/night-sweats/ — Read on insertpropagandahere.wordpress.com/2021/05/05/night-sweats/ It happens when I dream of sleep. Sudden suspense, if you must kill me, do so not with kindness, and grant me a last meal. Real talk. I pull this stalk of rude vitality with impunity. The fabric of our lives imbibes night sweats. A vortex of worst-Continue reading “Night Sweats”

Just Saying—Vidur Sahdev

i can’t understand these days so conveniently earmarked to celebrate you, one two three or four, as if to say on the rest you can so justifiably be ignored, for each sunrise that brings a ray of you to me, is worth each breath of life inhaled by me, one two three four… till the last one thatContinue reading “Just Saying—Vidur Sahdev”

Come Sleep —Walt Page

Come… Sleep Come… sleep rest your weary mind. Out of your darkness will come a light Come… sleep let your dreams carry you away on a precious journey Come… sleep I’ll watch over you until the dawn starts breaking through and the morning light awakens you Come… sleep dream through the night and you willContinue reading “Come Sleep —Walt Page”

The Devil Will Set Me Free —Charley Priest

This man I didn´t wan´t to become Devil talked to me Hence I let myself bite that so called-e (I´m just a piece of good hearted… think so) Bo! Don´t be to surprised when the bo can make you a little mess in your body. Sorry. Out. Read you all lator you innovator, have aContinue reading “The Devil Will Set Me Free —Charley Priest”

Poem that Refuses to Shoot Itself in the Head —MP Powers

Here I am. Beergut, oyster sauce on my t-shirt, pantlegs twisted into corkscrews. I am the poem no one wants. I have been rejected from 17 blogzines, 5 of them fledgling, and not once with anything but a lousy-arse form letter. All I have been treated with is apathy, all those smug & coddled editorContinue reading “Poem that Refuses to Shoot Itself in the Head —MP Powers”

Hair Tied Up in Madness —Marysa Writes

My hair is a prelude to my mental illness, an introduction to the dissatisfaction with stability within me; The first time I ever dyed my hair, I was sixteen, a peak in the development, rather lack thereof; my brain once a high-functioning factory, now a run-down fun house, cracked mirrors replacing every assembly line thatContinue reading “Hair Tied Up in Madness —Marysa Writes”