“Who cares what we eat?” – Navnidhi Vyas (Culled from Lucy’s Works)

Who cares what we eat?
Just calming stomach’s heat
Extra spicy , fried and sweet
Be it eating or doing a cheat?

Who cares what we eat?
Overweight is common sight
Glucose, lipids are at heights
Are we losing our health rights?

Who cares what we eat?
Gain cash at stake of fit
Drain cash to regain it
Are we fooling our intellect?

Who cares what we eat?
Pills might be diet next
Gifting ills to gen next
Is this we taught by our ancients?

A/N from Navnidhi Vyas: I’m a professional clinical dietician from India. I’ve started this blog to share my knowledge, passion and creation about healthy diet. Besides planning personalized diet plans for various health conditions, I’ve also invented some interesting diet games to spread nutrition awareness, check my blog to learn with fun. I also enjoy calligraphy, photography, writing and poetry.

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The purpose of mistakes – Ali Grimshaw (flashlight batteries)


Your must lose things
to find them.
Rip to repair, slip
to find out,
who you return as.

Tumble through trials
be torn away
from the known
to evolve stronger.

You must reach 
your own hand
be burned unjustly
to hear my scar's story.

© Ali Grimshaw 2020 at: https://flashlightbatteries.blog/

dVerse Poets Pub - Quadrille #105 "Slip"

Circle the Dead – Daffni Gingerich


I let the water wash away my sex. I let my thoughts drift in and out of stories and dimensions. There’s a primitive scent about me. There’s water circling the drain like crows circle the dead. All I know is I’m going in the ground with a fight and I hope something gives, so you die fighting too. I’ve got too many lists of things to do before I go. There’s a teetering for the things below my top few priorities. The social expectations that make their way into my heart. The shit heads that have a gleam in their eye like no other. And then, there’s the guilty pleasures that do nothing for my growth. They twist and spin and fuck me raw just to tell me they’ll never love me. But I always go back for more. These seasons. This restless mouth. And searching eyes that wilt when watered by a screen. I’m nothing special. My writing could take me no where. I’m washed up. But I’m alive and living with not one ounce of shame. I’ve said my I’m-sorrys. But if to kill me is what you need, pull the trigger, I’m on my fucking knees.

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A Promise of Forever – WildHeart (Wild Scared Crazy)


Don’t you see it,
How you slice me?
Your words sting,
And your actions kill.
On my heart,
You’re playing dart.
Or is it archery,
That you practice?
Now each scar hurt,
A little less every day.
While it’s exploding inside,
With all the dreams we’d seen.
Our happily ever after,
Our promises of forever,
Oh, how beautiful they were!
Now, I silently take all your brunt,
As you prove it’s all my fault.
Scars in my heart now laugh,
As you keep giving me new ones.
Yet I keep holding on,
To the promises we made.
I keep the forever part,
Sadly ever after, you gift.

Featured image by: 仔 饼 from Pixabay

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For Love to Blossom – JG Farmer (Raven)


Form: Burns’ Stanza

When the robin visited that day
In guano, he set me out to lay
Unknowing the bird came to play
I laid beneath the sun
My warmth on a cold winter’s day
As birds play I was born
Alone, I shuddered into dirt
My shelter when wind and rain hurt
No mercy for me, just a squirt
Waiting for nature’s call
Alone in the mud with no shirt
Beside the garden wall
I cussed my luck ‘til early spring
First shooting leaves began to sing
Reaching out for the sun to bring
My first buds out for you
Soon I will bloom in colours swing
With bright and vibrant hue
At last my petals open wide
Velvet purple, no need to hide
My flowers shimmer with my pride
As they await your kiss
On summer’s day, my love, confide
Your heart within my bliss


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Social Media – The Oldschool Halequin (World of Harley)

The internet,
A wondrous thing,
Mankinds ultimate achievement,
Turned to all manner of both evil and benevolence,
Is it an information matrix?
Or is it information supervision?

Trust not those who control speech,
Dark forces,
Shrill tweets of birds of prey,
Updates on a thousand-faced tome,
Pornographic cyanide to be injected,
Assembling an army of automatons,

Are social media giants corporate necromancers?
Because they practice mastery over dead minds,
We crane our necks to gaze at the screens,
Even the most astute of us,
Like zombies,
But we only rot within,

Those radio towers,
Icons of duplicity,
The old adage declares,
Knowledge is power,
But is this knowledge impartial and sincere?
Do you spread discourse or discord?

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Highlights – Chester Maynes

Fascination, embracing freedom.
The galaxy is not a troll.
Ancient lies, ancient ties.
We maintain our highlights.
Like a vulture, we go hungry
of new things, reinventing styles
with hammer and knives.
We bring the stage in full bright.
Heading in unison with a big voice.


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poem – seeing (Shawn L. Bird)

I see a new person now.

The years’ baggage-

so much bitterness and resentment-

has disappeared like lost luggage.

She stands at the Baggage Claim,


then teeters down the hall,

oblivious to its loss.

This peaceful creature

is new.

There is no room to hold the past

against her.

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