Beaded Love — Rain Alchemist

My love was like an ordinary necklace 

Beaded with emotions, that once you wore

 with pride, but it could only embrace 

Your heart for a while, before you 

Decide to throw it away, scattering its

Pieces far, far away, distant from you

Now we both look for treasures

While you were exploring 

The glittery gold of other mens

I was still collecting those beads

As it’s the last souvenir of my

Long forgotten love!! 

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Forever Disregarded —Trey Persons

Time and Time again. I come to this place of despair. Troubles run around untamed. Carelessness soars through the northern winds. Regret grows wildly and unkept all over the plains. Fear downpours from the night sky. Yet, I know courage will rise from the horizon. Just endure.

Trey Persons @ write of might

Solemn Wishes – Michelle Cook

Amid a fire
Built for two
I solemnly sit
And think of you

And I wonder
How this life would be
If you were ever
Here with me

I know the answers
Are so close by
Found within the depths
Of every sigh

What we share
Isn’t going away
This is how I know
We will find a way

© 2019 Michelle Cook

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To Those Owned – River Dixon


Love hasn’t gone

Just set aside

For a while

A failure to recognize

The adjoining

Rhythm of strings

And skins, wind

Tapping at the cusp

Of forgiveness

And the opportunity

To make amends

Begrudgingly, in the face

Of pride, a remedy

Those simple words

To acknowledge

And finally say

I’m sorry

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268–Communication —Rahul Gaurb

I mix up silence for aggression
Fighting you in imaginary wars
Where do you find your words usually?
It seems you’ve lost your way
Your answer comes as a bitter understanding
“Feelings turn into half thoughts
Words impure them usually
Sentences jumble the feeling i felt
that i’ve lost
since you’ve come in my way”

Rahul Gaurb

Trembling soul Midnight Tolls – Maria

Trembling soul midnight tolls

Escaping minds wonder

A thief

A thirst

Adrift in the night

Dancing spirits

Traveling through me

Faster than waves of light

A determined being

A wonder shifting through

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