Starlight – Erik Shinker (Perpetually Past Due)

She is celestial,
a fixed point of light
placed in the ether to guide.
A glimmer of hope in the void.
One piece inside
a constellation of eternal splendor,
she is luminescent.
With my Skyward traveler,
I send my love,
ad astra.

by Erik Shinker

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Unspoken – maximcartography (cartographysis)

Birds flew over the wooden bench where
he sat tall and simple,
a lump on his throat, wanting to say something special.
There were mad dreams in his mind,
miles, hills, and spread of fields
crossing over laughters and weddings.
Unshaven, red-eye from waiting for that moment.
I ran away to the trip of promise, the highway of rushing machine balls,
leaving the dust settle on the sleepy stones, the burned earth and seared dried bones.

When I returned,
the kites would no longer fly, the wind a soft bubble of adolescent whisper.
A gravity paused,
the skin between spaces widened,
the cracks on calloused hands smoothened.
I breathed the peculiar sound of trees
that had grown distant worlds,
I looked for the young grasses that had escaped wildly on the lap of tempest’s grasp.
I glimpsed a fading silhouette,
an arithmetic and a lost rhythm looking for wooden arms
to hold on.

There he sat tall
and simple,
the words unspoken,
almost, almost within the hearbeat of a son’s hearing.

WILLOW – blindzany girl (of blind wildnerness)

Willow weeps sad tears
When autumn’s glory passes
Winter undresses

Tears turn to joy Spring
Begins to clothe the branches
Life returns again

Full summer’s heat leaves
Thick with the fullness of life
Joy in abundance

Colours glowing leaves
Filling us with the delights
That autumn brings us

Soon leaves die and fall
Becoming dust on the ground
Saying we are dust

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Entry 729 You’re Not Abandoned – Daffni Gingerich (of Daffniblog)

Some days it’s art, some days it’s just trying to figure out the reason to do the art. To stay alive is usually motivating enough. But to be able to sleep, that’s what gets the words pouring out of me. I stare at closed lips waiting for something other than the clicking of spit. I wish so hard for more more more. But words don’t come. Not even close. And so in the silence I grasp at any man willing to slip me a few sentences to get me through the day. It’s caused by a mixture of so many broken promises. The craving to want to be chosen, so I’ll chose him. I’ll choose him over and over again until I’m nothing but a memory. Or something like that. It does matter. I do see it. I’m not really sure what or how to change, so if the big hand would reach down from the heavens and push me toward the right direction, I’d be grateful for it.

you can bully me into doing ANYTHING – Rachel (of Patient and Kind)

I’m soft and insignificant, easily worked

Into a shape that fits your world.

I won’t push back, resistance isn’t me.

I’m like a dough that’s stretched and pulled

And hammered down into a base

That’s topped with things that others want

With no concern for what I need.

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Birdsongs. – Tomic Riter

image is property of author.

twilight wind carries everywhere


trees are hanging from the sky

penetrating these walls

their roots rising from my fingertips

I could have sipped all this dirty water

that was clean before it fell down

sometimes, traveling miles gives nothing

other than vast green fields and no talks

birdsongs die and gold washes away

from the sky.

Copyright © Tomic Riter. All rights reserved.

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Anxious Lover, Anxious Fate – Chester Maynes

Anxious lover, anxious fate.
Of all the rumors I’ve heard,
are your atypical behavior, your
fickle-minded ways.

You’ve written your story
with symbols, without grace.
Your hidden meanings are
disguised as irrevocable

You may wear a mask,
but underneath the veil
is the face of a flesh whose
devils are really weak.

Anxious lover, anxious fate.
I should’ve rejected you
in my younger days.


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