Boy do I have a Grumpy Gift for you…

Not only do I love writing but I also enjoy reading. So many of the amazing things I read are enjoyed by so few, as not every literary marvel is also a marketing mogul. It’s this, i care to share most.

Imagination is the reality of the dreamer.

— Scott Ringenbach.

Stay tuned, and keep on orbiting those moons.

Life — Kamakhya

I asked death

is there death?

death said..


there is life.

death only separates life,

in different strata!

Death is amidst

and within life,

everyday, everywhere,

in pursuit of



and greed!

Virtue is

passion for compassion

Vice is being instrumental

of inflicting pains,

to others!

@ Kamakhya

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How to Create an Individuality —Captain Q

How to create an individuality
Yet, contribute to society as a whole
Without falling to the socialist ideal
& abandoning your capitalistic soul
I believe in the American experiment
A dream that is & could be great
In fact, I’ve sworn to defend it forever
Duty, honor & a complicated fate

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Pop —Blighter’s Rock

tie me to a red balloon
and send me to the sky
where I could float
and simply watch
the world go slipping by.

tie me to a red balloon
filled with the world’s despair
and in the clouds
I’d pop them out
and leave them drifting there.

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Little Free Photos

Anthony is off writing somewhere distant. I am still here randomly, discovering new voices, sharing original pictures for poem prompts, listening to bird song. How is your summer? What is capturing your imagination?

The Laughing Lighthouse —Intellectual Shaman

As beauty fades

and we no longer have the desire to repent

and the places we knew


and the people who smiled at us


and the shadows of ourselves

no longer show up

under the sun

lost photographs

and memories

are all that we have left

and I don’t know about you

but I will walk

where I have always been

and do

what I have always done


for what little time

I have left

Big waves

bigger than me

wash out

to a horizon

where a lighthouse

looks at time

with a twinkle in her eye

and fire in her belly

laughing at a good life

where the hills of Catalina

and the harbors there

hold heaven in their hands

before natural rhythms

are released

under a lonely moon

and we are carried

to the deep.

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Little Free Photos

Trying something new!! Leave some descriptive words in the comment section. Take some words with you. Use the inspiring words in a poem. Post the poem on your blog.

You are welcome to use my photo in the blog post. You can share the blog link in the comments so we can visit your blog or link Grumpy Gifts somewhere in the original post. I only ask you credit my photos with @jems or @jeanelizabeth If a photo is Anthony’s, use @anthonygorman

Lets look forward to witnessing our collective creativity! ✌🏼🙂