swim —A. Gouedard

so strange this feeling of separation locked in a bottle gazing out floating on a shelf where you placed me fixed in time, preserved perfection can’t grow, explore or breath uncork me, pour me out a river will flow around you an ocean of endless love where the surf rises high on the evening tideContinue reading “swim —A. Gouedard”

The Human Diary —Wildheart

We talk all day long, And I find it beautiful. How I can tell you anything, And rant about life.   I pour out my insecurities, Tell you my deepest secrets. Damn! How did we get so close? Why do I trust you so much?   From fights with my boyfriend, To issues with myContinue reading “The Human Diary —Wildheart”

Identity —Lively Life

My coffee had a belly. It went under the second I swished it around it’s mug. Or is it my mug? It has more ownership being inside of it afterall. That is not to say being inside a woman, you own her. So maybe safe to say, it is the mug I am sipping outContinue reading “Identity —Lively Life”

Darkness Fell the Hollow Ones — The New Renaissance Mindset

Dimension: 9″ (23cm) x 12″ (30cm) The night fell and it became so dark that even the music became covered by it. We know it’s there but can hardly hear it. It floats behind the darkness. Our little figure has become the source of light within this darkness. Our behatted friend, Monteferro, perhaps a littleContinue reading “Darkness Fell the Hollow Ones — The New Renaissance Mindset”

Phantom —Devereaux Frazier

I won’t thank you for the memories they are rancid beyond repair lost to my mind’s eye time flies, and the castles we built together are covered in sand and wonder how did I ever let you take hold of my sight and why do I wonder if it will ever come back phantom operatorsContinue reading “Phantom —Devereaux Frazier”

The Darkness (Reprise) — Walt Page

The darkness has a hold on me Nothing is worse than the things I see Nightmares haunt me in my dreams My only way out is my fantasy If you could see what the darkness does You would say goodbye to who I was Come along with me tonight And let me bring your fearsContinue reading “The Darkness (Reprise) — Walt Page”

Relatives —Ankandas

Those eyes dazzled through the night forest, the wet look of a blue bull. In a desert, in a journey, in a marital friction, In a middle class afternoon, finding those eyes… that’s all there is. Being a poet mostly means to go away from words and say as little as possible and it takesContinue reading “Relatives —Ankandas”