Grey Confusions —Noor’s

My biggest nightmare these days is not knowing the answer to this question i keep asking myself: “Am i a bad person who thinks he is a good one?”   I don’t want to hurt anybody, not physically nor emotionally. I don’t want to take advantage of anyone, not in any way. I don’t wantContinue reading “Grey Confusions —Noor’s”

Before You’re Ready (#126) —Dangerkit

do everything before you’re ready like drugs and projects release it to the world before you’re ready before you die use your misguided resilience share life at a jukebox carve out chunks and hand them to a special soul exist demolish the futility of your goals get caustic bounce when you find yourself pouring theContinue reading “Before You’re Ready (#126) —Dangerkit”

Before the Fall Folds —Maria

your smile turns summer into a feeling and my world tilts towards you, babe i am a teen once again— blushing pink ‘neath love’s golden rays and i know seasons are passing and only fools rush in but before the fall folds. . . allow me to relish your summer smile walk with me alongContinue reading “Before the Fall Folds —Maria”

Tangled —Freak Sneha

And at times these thoughts Are caught up and held. At times these are bizzardly arduous. Why cant it be simple and sober? Why it has to be knotted all over? As much as I try, to let it go. As much as I want, the feelings to flow. They keep knocking My brains outContinue reading “Tangled —Freak Sneha”