A Christmas Scene —Keith Garrett

Snow covered ground with pine trees all around, Bears of white everywhere, logs of wood lying there. Roaming deer watching without fear, Snowballs on the ground, big and round. An elf that smiles up in a tree, Dressed in red, bells on his feet. There’s a snowman, in the distance he stands, Cold as Winter,Continue reading “A Christmas Scene —Keith Garrett”

Beaded Love — Rain Alchemist

My love was like an ordinary necklace  Beaded with emotions, that once you wore  with pride, but it could only embrace  Your heart for a while, before you  Decide to throw it away, scattering its Pieces far, far away, distant from you Now we both look for treasures While you were exploring  The glittery goldContinue reading “Beaded Love — Rain Alchemist”

Forever Disregarded —Trey Persons

Time and Time again. I come to this place of despair. Troubles run around untamed. Carelessness soars through the northern winds. Regret grows wildly and unkept all over the plains. Fear downpours from the night sky. Yet, I know courage will rise from the horizon. Just endure. Trey Persons @ write of might

268–Communication —Rahul Gaurb

I mix up silence for aggression Fighting you in imaginary wars Where do you find your words usually? It seems you’ve lost your way Your answer comes as a bitter understanding “Feelings turn into half thoughts Words impure them usually Sentences jumble the feeling i felt that i’ve lost since you’ve come in my way”Continue reading “268–Communication —Rahul Gaurb”