Emotions —Manuel Osornio

Manuel Osornio is one of the first bloggers I encountered, when I started sharing my words on WordPress. We began this journey relatively at the same time. Cheers friend!! ✌🏼🎭 ——– Emotions!!! Color these pages, Make them like oceans; Deep and ageless. Emotions!!! Let others see and feel That they are not alone in thisContinue reading “Emotions —Manuel Osornio”

Life is Beautiful with You

Twenty posts posting, means I have discovered 20 wonderful poets. And actually, since this achievement, I have discovered many, many more lovers of words!! The truest gift, on Grumpy Gifts, is the perpetual discovery of many more brilliant and beautiful talented people. Thank you for letting me into your precious world. I am honored toContinue reading “Life is Beautiful with You”

The Roller Skate —A Word of Substance

The day is rolling by.. and scrolling through blog posts, this one made me smile. 🙂✌🏼 —- I’ve got a brand new pair of roller skates, but I am nobody’s key.  They rolled in hot pink bubble gum, but stuck to the sides and bleed. Roads for miles with streets past the corner, the groundContinue reading “The Roller Skate —A Word of Substance”

Smile at the Seams —Ashwinin B

Good morning poetry lovers. –🕯consider lighting a candle today. Shalom 🕊🌊🐚 I know that smile, The one I’ve seen so many times before Wondering if this world is worthwhile, Which says you can’t do this anymore.   That ever thinning crimson veil, Between you and reality; Hiding your gruesome tale, With a false sense ofContinue reading “Smile at the Seams —Ashwinin B”

Fighter —Vinx

Good morning poetry lovers. 🕯——— Are you glad to see my back So that only you can advance Are you glad to see my fall So that you alone can fly high… Are you envious of my shine Sorry to break it down to you Amazing how hard I fall Someone like me never giveContinue reading “Fighter —Vinx”

Impromptu —Emotional Notions

The weather today, where I live, is rainy, grey and bone-chilling. Time to warm up with poetry. 🔥📚🍷 Mind needs it more than the body…warming of spirit. ©EmotionalNotions Cold? Warm up with Emotional Notions poetry blog. 🔥