Whispered Procession. —Anandkas

Ready to think? What are your thoughts. I am generally intrigued in your reaction. ——– An entire generation becoming a dumb nincompoop just by being existent. The television, the newspapers, the art, the fight, the hungry womb, the stinking fire every frolicking ingredients have become an agenda to create some faithful servants of nonthinking machineries.Continue reading “Whispered Procession. —Anandkas”

Sparkle — Mark Ryan

Placing hands on such skin. Wishing to dive right in. And swim, in the soul full of diamonds. I broke you out amber. Pulled away the tar and thick oil. Which stained my hands and heart. One kiss pulls me under. One word lifts me up. The vibrations are clear, and stardust tells no lies.Continue reading “Sparkle — Mark Ryan”

Consolation — Frédéric Georges Martin

nothing stays the same Winter Spring Summer all passes with time the scent of lilacs the sound of your voice the smile and the thrill nightingales stop to sing silence steals the wind chime Fall arrives, children leave mothers go to heaven cities fall apart the stars fade out but Love is eternal Read —©Continue reading “Consolation — Frédéric Georges Martin”

Morning After — sagar0vision

Tell me a tale by the sea I will engrave it in the breeze As you prey on destiny I will watch your colors bleed. We were one of the two Who laid down the clues. For laymen to breathe And forget. You were the photographer, I was the poet. You were the poem, IContinue reading “Morning After — sagar0vision”

Reading the Errant Pages —Captain Q

Reading the errant pages Crumpling after each one is read A gentle eye befallen the paper Revising what each one has plead Wastebasket- a lifetime away Hoping it’s not the destiny of them all Slowly, sacred thoughts form Living in the weird space of my scrawl Read —Captain Q

Self-Discovery — Dennis Cardiff

each sunrise brings me closer to the self of my intentions, my choices, perseverance, failures, disappointments. dreams can be deceptive. truth is never simple. i work with what i have and go from there. the trail winds sometimes back on itself. i proceed. i learn or unlearn truths of my existence. an unseen hand beckonsContinue reading “Self-Discovery — Dennis Cardiff”

Tis the Season of Love — Frank Solanki

Tis the season of love Where nothing ever goes wrong Where things fall into place And I sing my favourite song … ‘Tis the season of love When fruits are ripe and sweet Seeing them droop playfully My young heart skips a beat The flowers in full bloom Rain their fragrance in the air ColoursContinue reading “Tis the Season of Love — Frank Solanki”

Come Wander — Mitchell David Ring

Come wander with the cursed and broken through this realm of woodland music where melodies wind along paths to a ritual center Out in the shadow walks one I cannot see a spell on her lips ready for sacrifice waiting to lure the unwary further from the path deeper into strange and wicked places HerContinue reading “Come Wander — Mitchell David Ring”

The Cities We Burn — Mitchell David Ring

The air over this land is thick with incense vapors rising from the ancient cities we burn papyrus curling blackened in the flame When all is ash we will plant our seeds row upon row of second guesses waiting for the sun and the faraway harvest Scour the earth for missing pieces until the rainsContinue reading “The Cities We Burn — Mitchell David Ring”