The Beauty of Poetry —The FreeThinker

Poetry is an artistic expression of the “beautiful.” It encompasses feeling, imagination, beauty. Poetry is both “art” and “truth.” The poet, sometimes through cognition, which is like a gift, is able to create something beautiful. From Shakespeare to Milton to Wordsworth. The list is endless. To be able to see things through the eye ofContinue reading “The Beauty of Poetry —The FreeThinker”

Rush —Mark Ryan

Humbled, caught in such rapture. Clinging to joy like a root to a tree. No longer myself, yet loved still. Understanding fate’s anatomy. Chaos now silenced, calm like a church. We pray in the days that unfold. Burning them fully like candle wicks of life. Threatened each day by the wind that is blowing. FromContinue reading “Rush —Mark Ryan”

Not Quite —Carol J Forrester

Last night I dreamed you real. Felt you within the softness of my belly. Loved you an existence. Broke my heart open, when this dream came loose. Woke to pre-dawn, a sleeping husband, a house just the same, and an ache too close to grief for someone not quite here yet. Read more Carol JContinue reading “Not Quite —Carol J Forrester”