Mercy – Megha’s World

for more at Megha’s Word, click here: I’m living at your mercy waiting for your sweet glance to get caught by my hungry eyes I’m trying breathlessly to get close to you to get brushed by your skin or elbowed by you hiding in the plain sight almost invisible to you your silhouette is  markedContinue reading “Mercy – Megha’s World”

my stupidity – hazel meadows

when did you learn that sensitive boys are gay or masculine girls are bitchy? who taught you that saying your mind is impolite or speaking up disrespectful? was I late to class that day? or daydreaming about words that sound interesting and effectively describe my cheating boyfriend? how did you come to the realization thatContinue reading “my stupidity – hazel meadows”

Ephialtes – Mermaid (from a.mermaids’pen_)

I often find myself with the ghosts after the whole world goes to sleep,The world say those creatures are horrifyingbut to my wonder I saw them weep. It always seems like their darkness is my comfort even though they suck out my light,My world sometimes seems dull and shallow do they have it bright? TheyContinue reading “Ephialtes – Mermaid (from a.mermaids’pen_)”

Come to the Citadel – Mitchell David Ring

Come all to the citadel behind walls of bone and see the roads that wind away to the edge where many go but none have passed beyond into the world that sighs filled with promises of a thousand ends and pain far greater than what the city knows Monsters play in shadows of the horizonContinue reading “Come to the Citadel – Mitchell David Ring”

Fairytale – The Human Anvil

Permit me to say a few,Words of my choice,Before the whispers that they all echo,Replace my own voice. Ye tremble truly,Come day, come night,And lay woe on passing feet,Who knows you as a leaf to scribble,And leave in wind to never meet. In dreams you rule the dawn and dusk,Alive, you pick no pebble,You turnContinue reading “Fairytale – The Human Anvil”

I shall do – indishe

Like a sea in tempest,My soul reverberated with plans,Daring and dull, Steering my life’s hull.Drifting through untested seas,Enigmatic,Unknown. Taming the tempests, Battling my stars,I surfaced ahead in a frenzy untold A zombie caught in its vicious hold.Weathered and weary,Wanting a respite,All I desired was to stand and stare I ran around and aroundBut nothing wasContinue reading “I shall do – indishe”

What You Do?

life doesn’t justhappen at you, life’s sculpted by whatyou choose or choosenot to do, what and who you chooseor refuse to push and what you push ordon’t push yourselfthrough. and if life just doesn’thappen for you, there’s no one to pinflatline on, but you i’m sorry if truth hurtsto hear, my love, but it’s aContinue reading “What You Do?”

sophisticated chaos – foxesandpoems (A Woman is a Poem)

the systematic sophistication of chaos in defense of reincarnation — I was drafted in the mingling of ennui  and half moon martini olives drifting in the hapless mendacity of some tepid soirée at some darkened apartment in some listless city I stood in the foyer hoping to be mistaken for a Grecian urn a TrojanContinue reading “sophisticated chaos – foxesandpoems (A Woman is a Poem)”

Desert Walker- Intellectual Shaman

Even the most devout will fall away. So, who are you leading man? When you look behind you, who do you see? What’s really there? Why take any steps forward when the end is the same for everyone? “It just feels good,” he says, “to move.” And he does. He walks with a step thatContinue reading “Desert Walker- Intellectual Shaman”

Looking for Poetry Scouts

I’ve tried to post a variety of poems, but figured I would reach out to see if anyone else would be interested in culling some creative splatter for the site. What’s that they say about too many cooks? Well, I enjoy so many damn flavours!! 😉 Let’s get some worthy words a few more eyes.Continue reading “Looking for Poetry Scouts”