Ode to Music – Cheemnonso (Nonso’s World)

I’ve seen the colour of music; yellow like a budding sunflower, with blotted petals clothed in tumeric; . I’ve treaded her country, so idyllic; where love and lust tastes sweet and sour, and the dreams bequeathed inspire moments of magic; . I’ve heard her melody, so angelic; easing my nightmares in the darkest hour asContinue reading “Ode to Music – Cheemnonso (Nonso’s World)”

A Cheese Omelet at Midnight – Robert Okaji (O at the Edges)

A Cheese Omelet at Midnight You can’t ever leave without saying something,no matter how insipid. That sweater looks goodon you. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow. I’m sorryI burned the omelet. Nasdaq has plunged 3%  since last week. And I, in return, can’t let you go withoutreplying in equal measure. It matches your eyes. I loveto smell rain inContinue reading “A Cheese Omelet at Midnight – Robert Okaji (O at the Edges)”

Bourgainvillea – Onie Maniego (The Paper Drafts)

Maiden rest.Maiden sleepOn my branches,Lay on the tips of me.Rest on my fingersLike soaked cotton—plump and heavy.We will sway with the wind.In the ticking of the clock,You will flutter then fall,But in dreams you will remain.Let your nightgownRain like petals.Glide and flow.Slide and go.Maiden dream again,Come rest again on the tips of me. Photo byContinue reading “Bourgainvillea – Onie Maniego (The Paper Drafts)”

To be seen – M. Taggart

I’m looking at a picture of usI didn’t like it at the timeThere was something too real-I felt ugly about itBut now I love itYou were trying to tell me somethingAnd now that you don’t want to be seenI’ve figured it out in the photoWhile I was off mentally having funYou were telling me youContinue reading “To be seen – M. Taggart”

Veneno – Harley Reborn

Stopping by woods On a snowy evening Little red riding hood Was not prepared for the Big bad wolf He seemed so gentle at first Almost protective Absolutely seductive As he got her drunk On all he was Once he made his move Surely there was no use For she would succumb to The finalContinue reading “Veneno – Harley Reborn”

Exhaust – Makeshift26 (The Road That Never Ends)

In a yearbook, how you’ve changed. darkness clouds, as friends evade. Protect the view, back of the roomno one remembers your name,or who you were, or who you are (phantom limb hangs on)Perception never felt so insincere. You’re so helpless and faceless,alone in the crowd, fade away,fade until… there’s only fumes. Inside my silence, ofContinue reading “Exhaust – Makeshift26 (The Road That Never Ends)”

On Maturing – Jennifer Patino (Thistle Thoughts)

On Maturing the wardrobe insiststhat it’s 1996 &the audience accepts this I am cusping,anger combusting& my wrathdrains crimson down the bath,the walls arecoated, in dream scrawl my head rings imploded this is the next season of life& it’s just as lonelyas the last one,but this timethere are lesspeople around & soundsslip insideone of mymany neuralContinue reading “On Maturing – Jennifer Patino (Thistle Thoughts)”

is it ~ solo renga – s.s. (Mindfills)

Is it always me sipping on fizzy iced dreams while the world treadmills * seasons whizz past butter cups warbling white eye drinks it in *** Mindfills by s.s. ~ a Solo Renga for Reena’s exploration challenge is it always me Colleen Cheesebro’s informative piece  on Solo Renga. Thank you Colleen. I learnt something new  Ronovan writes Haiku challengeContinue reading “is it ~ solo renga – s.s. (Mindfills)”