You Can Be Happy – Intellectual Shaman

When the world is crashing down and it’s a sin to smile and all the people are hysterical with chemicals shooting through their brains like love, like hate, like fear, like loneliness and you have been wondering why you read philosophy Suddenly, the dawn breaks… You eat hope like dessert with a big cherry onContinue reading “You Can Be Happy – Intellectual Shaman”

155- Elle (elleguyence)

enthusiastic approvalof even the tiniest of winswhat a delight it isto be delighted I’m always trying to best myselfto always grow and be betterI suppose I should also rememberthat to best something is toonce have been the best and maybe that miniature winshould be enough online at:

Devalued. – Harley Reborn

I miss the days where it wasn’t so easy To up and run away Where serious things were met With responsible responses No matter how much someone might Want to forget Maybe it was the invention of caller ID Or perhaps answering machines Pagers beep beep Or maybe it’s just me Maybe I need toContinue reading “Devalued. – Harley Reborn”

Solitary World – chester maynes

We’rein the samephase, the sameenergy, the same weakness. We’rebounded withfences of broken glasses,barbed wires, savage trees. We’renot the samecharacters of the past.We’ve chained, defeated. Inthis confinement isour solitary world ofpersecution and injustice. 2020 at:

An Atheist in Love – Upashna

A committed atheist,I prowl the realm of mortalswearing a robe of snobberysceptre of rationaleheld close to heart,head unbowed to any form of divinity.Brandishing wordspeering through the faces of ignorant fools,smirked at their lugubrity.Until one day,sauntering down the pathstrewn with cherry blossomsI came across an old novitiate.The beauty of the flowerstill floating in my eyes,my thoughtsContinue reading “An Atheist in Love – Upashna”

Mood of the Rain. – Vivek (Verses of Life)

I have rejoiced,The thunders followed by the rain.I have camouflaged,My tears under the falling drops of pain. It’s riveting how,The rain can relate to me.It can feel my pain and cry,And can relish my glee. Makes me wonder,What’s the mood of the rain,I think It’s the reflection of,My own happiness and pain. ~Vivek online at:Continue reading “Mood of the Rain. – Vivek (Verses of Life)”

Storm – Sundaram Chauhan

A storm is coming they warn. Stay put. Stay in. But, it cannot be more devastating than the one already raging inside me tearing me apart shred by bloody shred. So I step out. © 2020 Sundaram Chauhan Image Source: Pinterest online at:

Tears in my eyes- Shreya Joshi (Wild Scared Crazy)

Tears in my eyes,Those exquisite drops,Each with its own story,Like shiny white pearls,From the deep blue sea. As a menace attacks my soul,Or breaks my heart in two,Grief and sorrows all piled up,Creates one glimmering drop,Just ready to fall. Laced with emotions so intense,A harrowing burden in my chest,And pain that’s almost physical,Encapsulated in aContinue reading “Tears in my eyes- Shreya Joshi (Wild Scared Crazy)”