The Scryers – Mitchell David Ring (The Light is On)

Stand and speak in tongues of fire stories of the last flame in this desert world laid to ruin when the many waters receded and its fertile valleys filled with dust and sand Now dimly glows the flame as darkness comes and the winds blow bitter cold to snuff it out Melted wax pools reflectContinue reading “The Scryers – Mitchell David Ring (The Light is On)”

A Winged Bird – House of Heart

I am who I have always been a shiver of soft reeds beside the river or the cascade of  a waterfall. Gypsy crows rise  to a soft dawn sky gathering their kind they circle back for me. I can scarcely bear the splendor of the world, its wonder humbles the wisp  that is me. MinutiaeContinue reading “A Winged Bird – House of Heart”

Gently Mocked – Paul Vincent Cannon (parallax)

“You can find me in the frozen mood section.” Henry Rollins Gently Mocked The day was perfect, but I found its fault where no fault lay, I beat upon its languid warmth, sneered at its sunlit leaves, belittled its calm and cheery air, and, all the while unblemished, it gently mocked my jaded mood. ©Paul VincentContinue reading “Gently Mocked – Paul Vincent Cannon (parallax)”

in the end ~ a decima – s.s. (Mindfills)

We’re just a moment in the end having played the cards we were dealt with joy and grace and love we felt as our time and space and life blend and small voices in our heads wend chanting I am a museum full of art, and a deck full of music hearts but is thereContinue reading “in the end ~ a decima – s.s. (Mindfills)”

The Mirror of my Memories – Shreya Joshi (Wild Scared Crazy)

Her eyes, wide and gleaming,Filled with love, hope, and curiosity,Such a sharp awakening,From a deary loop of mundanity. Such high expectations from life,So many dreams to be fulfilled,In such a hurry to grow up,To be independent, move out. Little does she know,What’s yet to come,Life kills hopes and dreams,And sucks one into a routine. InContinue reading “The Mirror of my Memories – Shreya Joshi (Wild Scared Crazy)”

“The door opens slowly” – Nayana Nair (it rains in my heart)

I turned another cornerand walked into another housethat I knew nothing about.The owner, the god of this land stood thereoutside in the gardentelling a child how to create more beautiful loops,how to somersault,how to find more worms, more of everything.An adult placed like a talismanthat couldn’t keep meor what I bring with me away.He didn’tContinue reading ““The door opens slowly” – Nayana Nair (it rains in my heart)”

Finding you at summer’s end – Neha (forgotten meadows)

It was like… it was meant to be, finding you at summer’s end, where all things fall, through the dotted lines… of gold and red, finding you at summer’s end. poetry copyright neha 2020/ free image taken from pexels credit goes to original artist online at: