A Promise of Forever – WildHeart (Wild Scared Crazy)

https://wildscaredcrazy.wordpress.com/ Don’t you see it,How you slice me?Your words sting,And your actions kill.On my heart,You’re playing dart.Or is it archery,That you practice?Now each scar hurt,A little less every day.While it’s exploding inside,With all the dreams we’d seen.Our happily ever after,Our promises of forever,Oh, how beautiful they were!Now, I silently take all your brunt,As you proveContinue reading “A Promise of Forever – WildHeart (Wild Scared Crazy)”

For Love to Blossom – JG Farmer (Raven)

https://jezfarmerblog.wordpress.com/ Form: Burns’ Stanza When the robin visited that dayIn guano, he set me out to layUnknowing the bird came to playI laid beneath the sunMy warmth on a cold winter’s dayAs birds play I was born Alone, I shuddered into dirtMy shelter when wind and rain hurtNo mercy for me, just a squirtWaiting forContinue reading “For Love to Blossom – JG Farmer (Raven)”

Social Media – The Oldschool Halequin (World of Harley)

The internet,A wondrous thing,Mankinds ultimate achievement,Turned to all manner of both evil and benevolence,Is it an information matrix?Or is it information supervision? Trust not those who control speech,Dark forces,Shrill tweets of birds of prey,Updates on a thousand-faced tome,Pornographic cyanide to be injected,Assembling an army of automatons, Are social media giants corporate necromancers?Because they practice masteryContinue reading “Social Media – The Oldschool Halequin (World of Harley)”

Highlights – Chester Maynes

Fascination, embracing freedom.The galaxy is not a troll.Ancient lies, ancient ties.We maintain our highlights.Like a vulture, we go hungryof new things, reinventing styleswith hammer and knives.We bring the stage in full bright.Heading in unison with a big voice. 2020 for more from this deep diver, click on over: https://chestermaynes.wordpress.com/

poem – seeing (Shawn L. Bird)

I see a new person now. The years’ baggage- so much bitterness and resentment- has disappeared like lost luggage. She stands at the Baggage Claim, befuddled then teeters down the hall, oblivious to its loss. This peaceful creature is new. There is no room to hold the past against her. for more from this deepContinue reading “poem – seeing (Shawn L. Bird)”


let’s detach, and ditchthis drowsy herd, shall we have a threesomesans the third? i want your canvasall to my brush, don’t wash off thatpainted robejust yet, m’lady, what’sthe rush? for now, i delight in yourlook more thanany touch, for i want but fearyou that much. image: https://www.artisoo.com/artist-and%C2%A0muse-p-82966.html image: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:F%C3%A9lix_Nicolas_Frilli%C3%A9_-_le_baiser_de_la_muse.jpg

Nanna – purpldragon (Dragonition)

I remember you in the garden and I grieved for you in the garden but I left my grief there to grow. I will pick it like a flower and hold it close. Let myself feel and remember and love and cry. for more flames breathed, click on over: https://purpldragon.wordpress.com/

Forgetfulness – C.D. Anders (The Unnecessary Blog)

Another day, angry, angry at my family, my friends, the world, at you, at me, blood boiling over in the name of selfish devotion, under the vacant tent and banner of self righteousness as I beat my chest like the Pharisee, forgetting that my Lord died for that tax collector, my family, my friends, theContinue reading “Forgetfulness – C.D. Anders (The Unnecessary Blog)”


i most love to climbher poetry, and rest my boneson its uppestbranches i laze in most grateful heapdusted with fire ants, chilled by trill ofwounded chickadees. and watch on as one by oneword balloons float bycore of a mightysun, i slip and fall eachtime i fail tograb one, i love to climbher poetry, and doContinue reading “poetry”

Antiques Roadshow – Patient and Kid

https://patientandkindlove.com/ The painting seems quite ordinary, Nothing I would hang, even in the downstairs loo. But the man on the TV who faintly reminds me Of a teacher that once taught me geography, He anxiously twists his hands as he waits For the verdict on what was left to him By his dear old auntContinue reading “Antiques Roadshow – Patient and Kid”