Architecture – Watt (Celluloid Trances)

Vanishing to the last degree, disappearing in the empty streets, Sweeping ashes into angles with his bare feet, He circled the window panes, as he crossed many lanes, And reached a place between the river and the concrete front. The spare colors in the darkness of the hour, In the desperation of his sighs, fromContinue reading “Architecture – Watt (Celluloid Trances)”

Cold to the Bone – Kindra M. Austin

Lungs of disparities breathe in unison gusts. I am disproportionate, Speak my voices of dissidence in devilish tongues. I am the sick in my own mouth of madness, and Cold to the bone. I am the moonfaced ghoul that lives beneath the firmament And above ground, too— Hell won’t even host me. Because I’m disproportionate,Continue reading “Cold to the Bone – Kindra M. Austin”

Holy Innocence – blindzanygirl

For the Feast Day of the Holy Innocents DangerLies in the pathOf holy innocenceThe darkness stalks those born to dieWho winsThe stakes?Those who lose their lives will gain themThough harsh may seem the pathHush gentle oneDon’t cry for more from blindzanygirl, click here: image:

Choosing Them Wisely- Vivian Zems

The times…..when a mind is ground to powderwhen tears springwhen even the sky criesand the rivers riseWhen……time has no meaningand words have lost theirs It is then……that we realise that a wordcan be as gentle as a soft featheror as cutting as sword Words- turned inwardeviscerate or mollifyensnare or liberate Words – turned outwardbuild orContinue reading “Choosing Them Wisely- Vivian Zems”

Utterly Helpless – Youlittlecharmer

I really wishthat I could do more Like pick you upfrom the bathroom floor Hug you whenyour heart is breaking And give you comfortwhen your bones are aching But for as much asyour pain to me is known This is a journeyyou must walk alone for more from ‘A Fragile Mind’, click here: image:Continue reading “Utterly Helpless – Youlittlecharmer”

Emotionless Pain – Dessert Flower

For pain if I find a proverb It would float out into the ocean Which can’t be contained In the lakes and rivers of thought It would float far far away Overcoming the barriers of guilt Down the waterfall of tears Flowing out with the agony Frustration in it’s clutches Into the darkenss of selfContinue reading “Emotionless Pain – Dessert Flower”

Time’s Arrow – B Gourley

Precognition? I barely have post-cognition —which is to say, memory. I have memories of memories of a world that never was. Cobbled together hopes, dreams, and fears made into a montage of me. One could chip away at what never was, but I’m not sure reality could support it’s own weight. What was might endContinue reading “Time’s Arrow – B Gourley”

Left for a new year. – Ally L. Mare There are so many things,I want to do,I want to experience,Before the days,Left for a new year, I want to feel loved,To be wanted,Embraced tightly,Before the days,Left for a new year, I want to travel,To feel free,Away from the city,Before the days,Left for a new year, I want to be with you,Together in anContinue reading “Left for a new year. – Ally L. Mare”

The Grey Country – Mitchell David Ring

Weeping skies over the gray country Mourn all promises the dead cannot keep And wash away ink from the pages of a recycled soul Ready again for the printing press Follow the type from death to birth Through dawns unrisen and days undone A borrowed life singing songs of ritual not written With a voiceContinue reading “The Grey Country – Mitchell David Ring”