Social Distancing – Kymber Hawke

It’s time for social distancingBut I’ve been doing that for yearsIt saves from getting hurtAnd shedding unwelcome tears Now that everyone is practicingI wish I could go outExplore the world in all its finenessWith no one else about But nothing out there’s openSo I might as well stay homeRead some books, kiss my husbandAnd prayContinue reading “Social Distancing – Kymber Hawke”

One More Day – Keith Garrett

ONE MORE DAY Am I dreaming, selfish to expect or assume another chance, A breath, watching the sunrise to a brand new day, see and be. Why do I believe that my time is forever, but what may forever contain, Is forever now, another moment, another day is so much to ask for. One moreContinue reading “One More Day – Keith Garrett”

BE GONE – blindzanygirl

I tryTo shake you offSmash you into piecesSee you writhing on the hard groundDefeatIs yoursMy gift to you today with loveOf a different kindBe gone sly fearDie now for more from this author at ‘Blind Wilderness’, click here:

The mind of a Poet – My Valiant Soul I have this indigo skyline infront of me,expanding the vastnessi put my thoughts about it into my blood.not swallowing it down to my veinsi have thoughts about thoughts,my pale tea leaves dissolving so fervently into the water,the sorbet pouring down the jug till the rim creaks i have you in my mind now,sipping myContinue reading “The mind of a Poet – My Valiant Soul”

Hunter – A.P. Christopher

Set upon a mantle, under wax, within a bowlThe last remaining fragment of the heart the hunter stoleWhere quandary and question bled together on a scrollHe inked in blood and ashen dustUsing a quill he dipped in rustSearching the letters like a loop that he assumed he could control Desolation danced within the letters neathContinue reading “Hunter – A.P. Christopher”

Brewing Storms – Onie Maniego

Maybe he brewed his storms at nightSo he could pour it cold tomorrow—Like his blanket covering the stars,In the morning it would be gray.The raging fires will be his comfortSo he’d be asleep amidst the chaos. Photo by Terry Jung on Unsplash© 2020 Onie Maniego and The Paper Drafts

“let me wake up”- Nayana Nair someone whisperedyou are specialand i knew that this is sleep(the pleasantly confusing side),that this is a memory of somethingthat will never happen again (should i be sad?).paper dolls hurried me down the aisleof a supermarket, opening up packets and packetsof laughter that I had not yet paid for(should i be worried?)They made me standContinue reading ““let me wake up”- Nayana Nair”