Hours – A.P. Christopher (a constant Variable)

So whether with a smile,Word, or song, or blade stilettoThey’re just different names for stringsAnd you, my dear, are still Geppetto And I, to them beholdenSaying all your lead is goldenWait with sadly bated breath to see how long until I fold in And underneath the ireWhere your grin is like a daggerAnd the woundsContinue reading “Hours – A.P. Christopher (a constant Variable)”

Loud Silence – Onie Maniego (The Paper Drafts)

In this world we suffer,Hungry for our voice to be heard—But I chose silence.Silence.I no longer have the urge,To expose the victim.To correct what is wrong.To straighten the crooked.Let them be.Let them be wrong.Let others do the beating.I will be the bad.I will be the villain.I will be the unjust and the liar.Let their judgementContinue reading “Loud Silence – Onie Maniego (The Paper Drafts)”

Slow – My Valiant Soul

https://myvaliantsoulsblog.wordpress.com/ Slow as a neighbour’s plantvindictive, timid.Slow as a ripple statichush. An oblong wax melting away,slow,slow as raindrop stuck on a tree As a splash of colour unable to blenda monologue twirling inside my stomacha song so oldwith cough drops all around the drawers dyingslowdying repetitiveinsipidOnce a melodynow only an armnow only a foreheadnothing atContinue reading “Slow – My Valiant Soul”

Grrr-ipped – Jennifer Patino (Thistle Thoughts)

Grrr-ipped Punk music docsto blast the rocks–no, these arevicious bouldersingrained in me,damming upthe tear flow Tunnel vision:grey figures,silhouettes thatonly I can seeHead bangs,vice griparound a neckClanging chains,forced to neglectall shades ofgrossed intellect Understandingisn’t somethingI can grovel for,I have troublewith my knees,with my worriedstomach          I’m shudderingoutside the doorof relief,begging for re-entry,for aContinue reading “Grrr-ipped – Jennifer Patino (Thistle Thoughts)”

Safe Harbor – Mitchell David Ring

Sails furled at the calm water bay drifting toward port as ghosts of long summer spent on seas with a will set to break us A banner torn free floats by ‘Safe harbor is a myth’ in bloody letters Still we drift on and come to that city waiting where the faces are hidden, eyesContinue reading “Safe Harbor – Mitchell David Ring”

There I was – Michelle Cook (Her Writing Haven)

https://herwritinghaven.com/ There I was,a tarnished piece of nothingness,just another fowl crumb of an existence,with all the potential of a rain gutter,yet still, you chose me. You unearthed my shameful souland held me lovingly in the palm of your hand.Then, after peeling away mounds of corroded debris,I was no longer a piece of blackened chaff. Instead,Continue reading “There I was – Michelle Cook (Her Writing Haven)”

End of the Line – Debatably Dateable

http://debatablydateable.com/ You care for me in the way that you can But you know that your heart won’t go any further. Your gentle mind feels guilty for the things it cannot control.  I want to help you through breaking my heart  And in there lies the problem.  -May 2020 for more from this mindful dater,Continue reading “End of the Line – Debatably Dateable”

Poem: Fantastical Forest – B Gourley

Rounding a mountain forest trailfrom lee to the wet side,I walk amid mossy branchesdraped thick enough to hidean ogre, troll, or a dark elf —let ‘lone the old oak’s eyes. So many hidden paths diverge,and me without a guide. for more from B, click on over: https://berniegourley.com/

droplets of joy – just another girl

a heart still fragilea week after the protesta soul that remainsin a state of unrest so when the unexpected knockhits the door1st instinct is to wonder:“is it time to hit the floor?” black dog has been bitingcrazy thoughts inhabit the voidwhat’s that’s noise? what’s that sound?the word of the day is paranoid eye pressed toContinue reading “droplets of joy – just another girl”