Nest —Mike Ennenbach

as you sleep,
i stare
at the ceiling
the sea salt crystals
on your lovely hands
as they dig through
the crates
of my every
unspoken thought

the hard tangle
of roots
just under the flesh

the forks of lightning
within your eyes
as you seek
the hidden words
in every
earnest verse

scribbling in
invisible ink
the parchment saturated
with words
meant only for you
written in lemon and milk
unseen until
the half baked verse
is placed in
the inferno
upon your tongue

this morning,
as you sleep
the quiet is
by chattering birds
whistling the cadence
of my heartbeat
weaving the dull
inner throbbing
to exalt the sun
which pales in
the majesty of
your beauty
a diaphanous
cacophony of
unsundered pontifications
building into
a white noise generator

as my cracked
fade into nothing
as the ceiling
drawn to my
pulsating need
i seek to
unfetter the knot
in my own chest
where the birds
leave baubles
of bright beauty
for you
to build a nest

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