In Between —Danica Aquino

I want to fill the spaces in between,

Don’t think of me in the morning,
When the earth is kissed by the first ray of sunlight,
Don’t think of me when you’re stuck in traffic and you seem so angry waiting for the cup of coffee to kick in,
Don’t think of me when you saw a movie actress that reminded you of my dress on our first meet,
Or when you listen to my favorite music and vividly remember what my perfume smells like,
Or when you finally close your weary eyes to sleep at night;

Think of me
To fill the spaces in between,
The shallow, warm breaths you take that fog up the bus window,
A resounding melody that swiftly passes through your subconscious and back,
In that tiny space of air snuggled between our palms as we hold hands;

I want to fill those spaces in between,
An ephemeral being that faintly hangs above your shadow as you walk alone in a moonlit night.

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