a serried tale – indishe (theindieshe)

The serried twists and sharp turns,

Ensheathed in a veiled canopy ,

That hides its dazzling sheen,

From those that envy its resplendent allure,



It beckons you,


Mocking that you can’t you reach it,

As you want it all the more.

You just walk along in tremulous fear,

Gingerly circumventing the folds,

The sharp edges bite into your soul,

Ripping it at its core.

On the two sides,

An endless abyss,

Rolling into infinite caverns,

Stretching into deep gorges.

Your eyes swim with tears unshed,

Into the warm troughs below,

Drowning in the cerulean sluice,

That absorbs it’s salty pain,

They now shine with a luscious strain.

The indented terrain of life,

Taking tests at every corner,

Full of tribulation and heart-ache.

But you trudge along,

In hope and fear,

You shall survive the sharp meandering twists,

And reach the plains.

And then,

Life would be a sunshine,

Life would be a game,

As you would be seasoned with pain.

The dazzling peaks so far,

And yet so near,

You may not touch those skies,

But they have made a home in a heart,

That now no longer cries!

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