Whats the Good of It —Devereaux Frazier

what’s the good of writing/if nobody hears it

or the power in song/if it’s only in your head

why sacrifice to live a good life/if it never

sees the light of day/the sun is a stage

the earth is a proving ground/so show heaven

the the dust created a worthwhile being/stars

magnified thought and blessed it/with breath

and bone, blood and a capacity for healing/no

man can take away soul/no engine or weapon

can devolve the beauty/gory machines

devalue the mind/humans, more or less

robots today/thrive in soulless banality

the bloodshed and waste/break flesh, taste

the corruption within each of us/do we choose

to rise above the Shatan/this light inside

is not ours to hold but to share/to have

the cosmic beauty instilled is a task/shared

by a collective of good/and delivered

even to the sword


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