Beneath the Moon | The Vision of Poets

It goes without saying
That I was wrong
I’ve been wrong
So many times
I have to wonder
What is right

Perhaps I have expected
What one would say
Was far too much
From those
Whom I’ve encountered
From the human race

I remember one by one
When they turned
And walked away
Frightened of the words
On the diagnosis
Perhaps they must have thought
That cancer
Spreads with just a touch
Perhaps their fear
Was far too deep
To grace

But I am not alone
In abandoned disbelief
While tides still
Come and go
Beneath the moon
For I can feel the hope
That lingers
Far beyond the sun
And touch the healing light
That heals the soul


A poem I missed before. While reading, I noticed I missed quite a few of his poems. I’m not sure I have a favorite. Not yet. Tomorrow I will read some more. Celebrating your beautiful soul Michael33. 💫

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