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Spreading wings

Spreading Wings

It’s hard to feel the words
When you are dying
Locked inside the vault
Of your own skin
It’s hard to reach for verses
When your arms can’t reach for grace
While DNR’s lie inked
Beneath the pen

It’s hard to find the rhyme
Inside the rainfall
Locked within the pain
That fogs the mind
It’s hard to write the ballad
When your eyes fade in the storm
While you cannot find the truth
Between the lines

Yet always there is hope
Inside the vortex
Waiting to be found
Within the plight
It’s not always the eyes
That see the pathway through the veil
Where one can spread his wings
Into the light

— Read on visionofpoets.wordpress.com

Honoring Michael33 with a few poems over the next few days and possibly weeks. His kindness was boundless in sharing his beautiful voice.

Through my own pain, I developed a life mantra. Church is poetry. Poetry is life. A life well lived. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Michael33 your voice will be sorely missed. But it lives on in hearts around the world.

If you do care to read details of his journey through cancer… please visit the ‘vision of hope33’.

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